Looking for a T1D friend for our 9yr.old daughter

Hi! Our 9 yr.old daughter, was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in September 2018. We live in a small town and she feels "different " being the only diabetic at her school.(although is currently doing virtual learning at home :blush:) If she could connect with someone around her age to become “online/snailmail t1d pals” they could chat, play Roblox,send letters, etc. This would really make my daughters days brighter for her and hopefully your childs too! Thanks so much!!

I just noticed your post, and sorry no one replied. I was diagnosed at age 8 and never knew any other T1Ds. It’s a lonely disease. I’m now too old to be the friend you’re seeking, but I hope my reply will bump the topic up and you’ll get replies from other parents.
If it’s any consolation, I’ve lived nearly 50 years with T1D and am still healthy (only minor health issues). The advancements in the last 10-15 years have been dramatic and your daughter will have an easier(not easy, but easier) time than us “old timers” have.
Good luck to you both !

Thank you, Joanne @Jophilly, and hello, Amanda @raleget! My daughter is 12 (Dx’d at 6), and would be happy to connect with your daughter, if she’s still interested. Click on my name and you can private message me.

I wrote a child’s book where the main character has type one (Mixing Up Magic Paris Adventure) We love to send out little letters of support to kids as they tackle type one