Friends for my daughter with type 1 diabetes

Hi my name is casandra I have a 10 year old daughter who was diagnosed last September with type 1 diabetes I still feel like it’s a struggle with some things wish she had more friends with type 1 diabetes

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Hey Casandra, I’m Laney! I’m and was diagnosed 7 years ago. I’m 14 so I’m not your daughter’s age, but I’ve been where she is. Up until I was 13 I didn’t have any diabetic friends and it was really difficult for me because I felt so different from everyone else. I just wanted to let you know that if you or she ever needs anything or if she just wants to talk I’m here. I get what it’s like and it can be helpful to talk to a peer who understands so I would be happy to help her out and give her advice :blush:

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Hi Casandra, my daughter is 8 and was diagnosed 1.5 yrs ago. We’re in northern VA, so if that’s not too far for you maybe we can get the kids together sometime.

My daughter was diagnosed at age 11 and just turned 13. We tried to find pretty ways to dress up her medical equipment so they’re more like accessories than medical devices, and that really helped! Look around social media to see if there’s a support group in your area. In southwest Missouri we meet up monthly to hang out, swap recipes, and let our kids play together. You’re not in this alone–neither of you!

Hi Cassandra. My daughter will be 9 in August. She was just diagnosed last month. We’re in West Texas. If that’s not close, maybe our girls can be pen pals. She met another kid at her school who was recently diagnosed, but I think she would like to also have a friend that’s a girl who understands her situation.

Hey my name is Christina I was diagnosed about 3 years ago I would love to talk to her and I live in nc if that’s close than maybe we could meet one day

Hi Casandra -

My daughter was diagnosed February of 2017 however we had a fantastic honeymoon phase so it hasn’t become real until this past March. She is 10 as well and getting ready to go into 5th grade. We currently live in Franklin, VA, but if that is too far, I am sure she would love a pin pal either through snail mail or even email! Let me know!

My daughter’s 9 (will be 10 soon), and was Dx’d at 6. We’re in St. Pete, FL.

Hi Casandra my name is Paula I have an 11 yr old daughter name Najee that was diagnosed 2yrs ago I would love for her to have someone to talk to that understands what she is going through my email is hillkl62gmail if you would like to get the girls to talk