9/10 yr old kids with T1D - play date or support group?

My daughter has been diagnosed for almost 1.5 years with t1D. We newly moved back to Indy and she would love to make friends with other girls her age with T1D. She struggles with not knowing anyone with T1D. I would LOVE to setup a play date or even a support group for Adults with Children with T1D in this age group where we can get together periodically as adults while our children play.

Is anyone interested? I’m in Indy (Castleton Area).


@JenRuse Hi Jen, and welcome to our JDRF TypeOneNation Forum! I hope that you will find someone for your daughter.

It is ver laudable, awesome, that you want to organize a get-together others like you. I regularly attend meetings here of all-age groups and I know that in my area there are gatherings of teens, parents, etc. for people living with diabetes. There is an active JDRF Chapter in Indianapolis; use the “Events” tab at the top, and select “JDRF Near You”. for information. Here is the Indy link:

Hi! My mame is Amanda. My 9 year old daughter Taysia was diagnosed with type 1 on September 24th, 2018. We live in Vermont, in an area so small, my daughter feels so "different " since she has no friends that can relate. The last 2 years have definitely been an emotional rollercoaster for our girl and entire family. Let me know if your daughter would like to be “online t1d pals” with my daughter. They could chat on snapchat or play Roblox together, etc. Let me know please :blush:
Take care,