What's Your Fave Low Carb Snack?

Hey everyone I was just wondering what everyone's fave low carb snack was. I really like pickles as a low carb snack. I also like sugarfree jello. What's yours????

string cheese! sugarfree jello is also up there.

Nuts, mostly pistachios or almonds.

ham and cheese, like a sandwhich without the bread. sometimes roast beef or maybe salami with chedar cheese.

lawn clippings and water   ;x

pork rians, meat,

i like yogurt, nuts, cheese sticks, carrots

Melted cheese on cooked carrots P: yummy (:

I love string cheese, pickles, coffee with sugar free creamer, yogurt, almonds, lunch meat, some of the little 100 calorie snacks, protein shakes...good question! Now im super hungry! :) 

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Wow. I like yougurt but it runs my sugar up. Even if it is low carb and sugar free. Sorry for making you hungry Alayna. lol.

Jell-o and radishes, preferably not together!

in my opinion these are not even snacks. they are teasers to make you even more hungry. yogurt raises the sugar.

cheese carrots and nuts....that fills you up for all of 10 minutes. sugar free jello is like drinking water.

whats a snack? if all you want to do is eat a full meal after having it?


I am on a  schedule of eating 6 small meals a day to keep my blood sugars in check and to prevent lows before and after exercise. And these are the things I like having for mid-morning, mid-afternoon and nighttime for my snacks. I eat low fat yogurt with only 9-12 carbs per serving and it hardly makes a dent. 

IMO everything people have written so far are great low carb snack choices. Sorry you don't agree.

i eat what pleases me and take insulin to cover it :o) i count carbs (out of habit, mostly) but don't typically restrict how many i have at one time

although, i should say i do love me some cheese. :D

I love me some cheese too. MMMMMmmmmMMMM


Maybe people need to work jobs that actually require the traditional blood sweat and tears. These "snacks" do nothing for me. Cheese...yeah that does a lot for a snack when you have high cholesterol.

My job is heavy duty. and i cant find a low carb snack that helps keep me balanced. and anything else i try just boots my sugar.

Sugar free jell-o, if I'm in the mood for sweet.  Walnuts and almonds mixed together but no more than 2-4 tablespoons per day because they are very fattening.  WASA original rye (7g carbs) and other WASA crackers.  Hillshire sandwich meets - Honey Ham and Turkey.  Muenster and Jarlsberg cheese, but not too much because they are also fattening.  Chocolate whey protein "shake" made with water (not milk) after every workout.  1/2 Grapefruit before workout has just the right amount of carbs to sustain workout without reducing insulin. No other fruit.  Hamburger and steak, not really a snack but they are low carb - NO BREAD.  If bread, just 1 slice of whole grain high fiber - max of 1 per day.  Canned spinach, lettuce with small amount of regular (not fat free) salad dressing.  Coffee with 1 tablespoon of cream (not milk).

Paul, I love some WASA crackers!!!! YUMMO! And yes...I love me so cheese. The best thing about low carb snacks, for me personally, is when I get a high Blood Glucose level...when I give myself a correction and my bloog glucose goes down...I begin to get super hungry. To satisfy my craving, cheese and lunchmeat help cover the hunger. Wolf, Im like you, I can't survive solely off of low carb snacks, but sometimes they are nice due to not wanting to take insulin to just have to eat again later. Did I mention all this talk about snacks make me just that much more hungry (: