Low carb foods

Hello everyone, my name is Kylie. I was diagnosed back in October and it’s been sort of tough. I have been looking for low carb snacks and meal ideas… ?

String cheese is a good one, I was always told protein is a good low carb thing but not always, many meats are low carbs (double check before you eat though) For drinks theres carbonated flavored waters that I drink like Sparkling ICE that are zero carbs

BeccaG3 I agree that string cheese is a pretty good low-carb snack, and if your local grocery store has them, I am pretty fond of these little cheese sticks wrapped in different types of meat, they are amazing and a pretty good, filling snack.

Thank you, yeah my go to is usually string cheese!

Also almonds, baby cucumber, turkey cold cuts, hard boiled eggs, my daughter likes the Epic brand cured bacon which is like tiny pieces of bacon jerky and has 0 carbs. My friend who eats a Keto diet by choice also recommended pork rinds to me but we haven’t tried them yet.

Cheese sticks, veggie patties, steak, chicken, turkey meat, seafood or shrimp and veggies. Stay away from any sauses/dressings, water and diet soda (although diet drinks are controversial for reasons unrelated to diabetes as you know).

I personally like pickles, but I know pickles aren’t for everybody. If you don’t mind cucumbers in vinegar go ahead. I had Type 1 Diabetes ever since I was two and I am nineteen now. I just grew up loving pickles. Each pickle has less than one carb.

I like walnuts. (cheaper to buy at Costco) Also like cottage cheese with cinnamon & Splenda as a low carb and filling breakfast.