Teens with Type 1/ Newly Diagnosed

I know I’ve posted on here once before but I’ve had diabetes for close to 11 years and I’ve seen quite a few new posts about newly diagnosed people/ teens. If anyone is up for it you can add me on snap at Ch3y3nn3103 or pm me with questions or just to talk. I know how rough being a diabetic can be and how burnout feels.

Hi, I’m also a type one teen and we have a Snapchat type one group chat, I’d love to add you if you’d like!

Yeah that’d be cool. I’ve been in some before as well!!!

I am ViviAnn, I am 13. I dont have social media. I would love to start a texting group chat with type ones anyone want to join??

Hi! My son is 13 and would love to chat with you! We just moved and hes in need of new friends with T1D. If your parents are okay with it, let me know and I’ll send you his number!

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Haha they don’t mind I’m almost 18 if there’s anything I can do let me know :slight_smile: