Teens with type 1

Hi my name is Kate and I’m 17 years old. I have been diabetic for 14 years now and I found this site looking for kids my age to talk to about diabetes. No one in my family or friends is diabetic so it would be nice to talk to someone my age who can relate to what i go through.


My son was diagnosed on Feb 27. I dont know who he really talks to about this. I will see if he is willing to connect with you.

Sure i would love to talk to him and answer any questions he might have!

Hey @sdkid my names Jacob! I’m 19 and I was diagnosed 3 years ago. I was very introverted when I was diagnosed and I know now how valuable it is having someone to talk to. I’m not sure how getting your son to open up is going but if it helps I’d be more than willing to chat.

I’ll be your friend… I’ve been looking for someone too! I’m 14, have had diabetes for almost 10 years… I understand the struggle of trying to five someone who relates. :slight_smile:

Hey! I’m Hannah, I’m 17 and I’ve had Diabetes for 6 years. I’d love to talk, I’ve never talked to someone about diabetes! I honestly don’t really know anyone else with diabetes except my little brother. I seriously would love to talk!

Hi! I’m Abby, I’m 15 years old and I’ve had T1D since I was 7. I’d love to be friends!
If you (or anyone else on this thread!) have Snapchat, I can add you to our T1D group chat; we’ve got 20 members and we’d love to get more :slight_smile: You can add me at bookwormnerd13!

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Hey Hannah! i haven’t talked to anyone else with it either! None of my family or friends have it. Do you have an insulin pump or do you use syringes?

Hey abby thank you so much for the offer i would love to join your chat ill add you! What a great idea getting everyone together through snapchat. im on there all the time!

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Hey! I have had type 1 for 14 years. What grade are you in? I can give you some tips on how to handle diabetes for high school!

I use an insulin pump. I have the Medtronic 670G with a CGM. I love it 90% of the time. :joy:What do you use?

I’m a freshman, 9th grade lol, such fun :joy: … any advice would be appreciated! Do you use injections or are you on a pump?


I have an old one, the accu check combo but I’m looking to get a new one cause the one I have is starting to not work well and they don’t make them anymore. What things about the Medtronic do you like? Im looking into all of them.

I loved freshman year! Enjoy it while it lasts, I am a junior so I started the college and driving stuff! I use an insulin pump. I guess the one thing I have learned from being in high school is always carry a bunch along snacks and my meter with me so I can make corrections in class so I don’t miss any class while I am at the nurse!

Ha! That’s good, glad you enjoyed it. Are you doing dual enrollment? Yes! The nurse takes up so much time when you have to go there, so I definitely like to have everything available to me whenever I need it. Have you ever gone into DKA?


Honestly I don’t know what the differences between the different companies/styles are because Medtronic is all I have used and my parents picked out my first one.
I love that I have real time BG readings that show on my pump. I love that it is a closed loop system and adjusts on its own to what my BG reading is, if I’m below a certain number then it won’t give me the full amount of insulin, and auto suspend if I’m too low. I love that my pump is waterproof, I wear it in the hot tub and occasionally swimming. I’ve had fantastic customer service with them, I’ve been through 3 pumps in 4.5 years. The only bad things have been with the sensor (CGM). Over the past year I’ve had so many issues that I’m known by name at the diabetic supply store in my city for calling or coming in so often. Despite that I still love Medtronic!

Yeah I’ll do dual enrollment next year and no I have never gone into DKA! Do you play any sports at school or outside?

Yeah the CGM seems to be the only
Issue it has medtronics. I do love the idea of the closed loop but I also like the idea of the omnipod how there’s no tubing and I can put it on my back or my legs but I have to have reps come out to show me so I can better decide

Nice! Yeah me neither… hope it stays that way lol! I horseback ride, but no other sports really. Hoping to learn dressage soon.


I love having a CGM. I’ve thought about getting the dexcom instead, it sends the results to your phone, but it would be more of a hassle getting a different pump when the one I have works great!
The reps are great, I love my Medtronic one, she’s gotten me out of a bind many times. I love having a CGM, it’s made me more aware of how I feel, it’s helped bring down my A1C a whole bunch, I feel like it’s always in better range when I’m aware of what I am, and I love just looking down and knowing where I’m at. It’s also saved my life a couple times, it alarms once your blood sugar gets below a certain threshold, I usually wake up to the alarm but I’ve been dead asleep and it’s going off and I’m not waking up and my parents have woken up to it all the way on the other side of the house. I’ve also had friends at sleepovers wake me up to it. It’s really reassuring to know that it will sound an alarm.

I put my pump on my back/hips, legs, stomach, and arms. I personally didn’t ever like the idea of omnipod because I felt like it was too bulky and noticeable. But that was 4 years ago, it’s probably gotten smaller.

Whatever you end up doing I HIGHLY recommend getting a CGM, whether its dexcom or Medtronic. It’s a serious life changer. That being said my brother hates wearing one because it’s another site and “thing” on your body. The tape/adhesive sometimes causes my skin to get itchy and break out in hives sooo there are tradeoffs.


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