Teen wanting to connect with other teens with type 1

Hi I have a 13 yearold who has had type 1 for the past 10 years. She is now expressing an interest in trying to connect with other teens who she can talk and relate to who also have type 1. She’d probably be good to talk to for newly diagnosed teens as she is pretty competent with her knowledge and experience from her own self management. Thanks.

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Hi Alyson @Alysonross, welcome to the TypeOneNation site.

Yes, there are many teens on this site, both newly diagnosed and long-term, who would look forward to “meeting” your daughter - some of the teens here have set up a chatroom.

Also, to meet other teens in your area, I suggest that you look into the JDRF Chapter that serves your area. She could also attend “diabetes” events in your area.
Look under the “Events Tab” at the top of this page for happenings around you, of go on jdrf.org for more.
If you and she could attend a TypeOneNation Summit, I think you will be inspired by the number of teens and families meeting and talking.

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Hi, I’m 14 years old and have had diabetes for 3 years, I’ll be glad to talk to your daughter.
Let her know that she can email me at chloe.macdonald111@outlook.com or contact me on Instagram at @girl_with_t1diabetes

Hi Alyson! I’m Abby; I’m 15 years old and I’ve had T1D since I was 7. It’s nice to meet you!
I would absolutely love to connect with your daughter! If she has Snapchat, I can add her to my group chat of teenagers with T1D; it’s an awesome place to make new friends who understand what it’s like to live with T1. If she doesn’t have snapchat, please give her my email address and we can be email pals! :slight_smile:
Snapchat username: bookwormnerd13
Email address: abigaelparrish13@gmail.com
I look forward to chatting with her!

hi alyson! my name is allison too! i am 16 years old and have had T1D since i was 9! i’d love to chat! you can also email me at allihurt02@gmail.com !

Thank you I’ll pass on your details Chloe!

Hi, I’m Carmen. I was diagnosed this year no April 4th. If you would like you could contact me on my instagram Carrmenmarriia.:slightly_smiling_face:

Hey Alyson! I’m Laney :sunflower: ! I’m 14 and was diagnosed 7 years ago. While I’m not newly diagnosed I would still love to meet new dia-buddies

Hi there Thanks for the response! I’ll pass your contact onto my daughter Madison :blush:

@bookwormnerd13 hey I’m 17 I was diagnosed at 16 it’s been a year now but my blood sugar is controlled I would say but I was wondering if I could be added to the chat on Snapchat

@ FennecfoxForever hey I’m David i also don’t know nobody with type 1 I was trying to make new friends I tryied looking you up but I couldn’t find you.

Hey, I’m Lilly! :smiley: I also joined to connect with other people my age. I’m not newly diagnosed, but I’d still like to meet new diabetes friends

Hi Alyson, I’m Kalei and i’m 14, I have had diabetes for 7 years now and i would love to talk to your daughter, my email is kaleipollock2004@gmail.com
hope to hear from her

hi laney ! i would love to hear from you, and get some tips on dealing with diabetes. maybe we could email back and forth, let me know! :slight_smile:

hi abby ! i would love to talk to you about diabetes… let me know ! :slight_smile:

hi !! would love to hear from you, let me know !!

Hi, I have a 15 yr old T1 son. Not sure where you are, but here in the Austin, TX area, there are a lot of summer camps specifically for T1 kids. There is Camp Sweeny, where kids from all over come to camp for 3 weeks.

hey! sorry i haven’t been on for a while…want to email? my email is kaleipollock2004@gmail.com

Hi there! My name is grace, I’m almost 13 yrs old and this is my 3rd year as a t1d. I would love to get to gether or chat with your daughter as I love to share my experience with others. In 2017-2018 I was selected as a beat the bridge ambassador and am now a gingerbread elf this fall. Let me know if I can help! Maybe your daughter and I could email?!? Let me know

sounds great! I’d love to talk with you