Teenagers with Type One Diabetes

Hello, I am 13 years old and i have been type one diabetic for just over four years now. It gets a little tough sometimes and i was just wondering if there were any teens out there to talk with about our T1D problems. x

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Hi Paige @paigedawes and a big welcome to this site; I see you just joined a couple of hours ago.

A possible way you could meet other teens, in addition to meeting some on here, is to attend if possible a TypeOneNation Summit - I was at one last week and I saw with and talked with several young people. In addition to the Summits, JDRF has local chapters, sponsors walks where lots of teens participate. You may be able to find contacts in your are by clicking on the “Events” tab at the top of this page - events and groups and lots of other stuff can be found easily.

I attend a monthly JDRF “Cups of Hope” coffee - about half of the people attending are parents / families of teens who have T1D - the contact person in your area could probably put you in touch with other teens like yourself.

Hi Paige!! I’m Abby and I’m 15; I’ve been living with T1 for over 8 years. You’re right, it does get tough sometimes… that’s why it’s important to talk to people who get it. :slight_smile: You’re welcome to contact me at any time! My email is abigaelparrish13@gmail.com and my snapchat is bookwormnerd13.

Hi I’m Kiah ! I’m 14 and I’ve had it for 4 years . I struggle with it a lot but I’m hoping through this we can help each other !

Hey Paige, I’m Kalei and i’m 14. I have been living with diabetes for 7 years, and your right it does get a little tough especially when you don’t know any diabeteics around your age. Fell free to contact me, my email is kaleipollock2004@gmail.com
Hope to hear from you!
Love, Kalei

Hello Kiah,

It’s Paige here, i’ve been diabetic for almost 5 years and it’s definitely very difficult, especially being a teenager. Sorry it’s taken me a while to reply, do you have a private email we could talk over?

Paige x

Hi Kiah! I’m Kalei and i am just a couple weeks shy of 14! Diabetes is hard sometimes and I would be one to know i’ve had it almost 8 years. If you want we can email. hope to hear from you! xoxo, kalei

Hey Paige! I’m Amanda and I would love to have someone to talk to. I’ve been T1 for just over 7 yrs. If you need anyone to talk to, message me.

Hey there!!! I am Rachel. I am 15 and have had T1D for almost two years. I’d love to talk to y’all!!! You can also follow my Instagram @rachel.c.woods or look at my blog A Little Bit Of Sunshine I post on there too!

Heyy:) my names alyssa I’m 15 (almost 16) i was JUST diagnosed on December 16, and I’m here if ya ever wanna talk about anything diabetes related or not, my email is alyssadenny253@gmail.com my snap is alysssahyaaatt and my insta is spiffy.lys so feel free to hmu if ya ever want too:) or anyone can! I’m always open to new friends

Hey Paige!!
First of all, A Warm Welcome to TypeOneNation to you! I am super happy you found us and I hope that maybe we can grow closer to each other! My name is Cassidy and I am 13 years old I have been diabetic for 8 years. I really hope to get to know some other diabetics really well! Feel free to contact me anytime I would be beyond happy to hear from you!