Snapchat gc?

So lately I’ve been seeing a few teenagers with T1D looking for friends on this website. I also have a few online friends with T1, and I was thinking it would be kind of fun to create a Snapchat group chat where we can talk about T1 and just life in general! I could use some other friends with T1D and I bet some other folks could too.
If you’re interested in joining, add me on snapchat at bookwormnerd13 and reply to this post so I know to add you to the gc!


Hey that’s a great idea!! Add me back! dardar2424

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Awesome idea! My snapchat is Aprilleawest

Added you! Mine is sakura.tan I think this is a great idea!

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Hey that’s awesome I’m gonna add you my snap is aambler17

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I’d love to be included- bridget2113

I’d love to be a part of this group! @diabeticemma

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Just added you my snap is captainleone9

Just added you , My snap is hoop_em

Just added. My snap is nmroncal.

What are the ages of the people in the group chat?

i’m interested haha! i added you!

add me in it plzzzz ashleywade909

That’s so cool please add me my Snapchat is @f_dello

If this is still a thing, mine is: sophie_kamer

If this is still something mine is: georgiapiee

I added you on Snapchat. Everyone else feel free to add me!! Mines: hstanford4

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I’d like to be included in this group I’m not a teenager though… robinhollin

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Added you mine is mcrosenquist

Mines Unicorngirl-99.

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