Hey I'm Just Looking To Make Friends With Others That Have T1D

Hi, I’m 15 years old and I’ve had T1D for 6 years now. I literally just found this site today and I’m wondering if there is anyone else out there that has T1D and is also a teen that wants to be friends…


Hey Ethan! I’m Abby; I’m also 15 and I’ve had T1D since I was 7. :slight_smile: I’d love to be friends!
I also have a Snapchat group chat with several other “T1 Teens”; if you have Snapchat we’d love to add you! My username is bookwormnerd13.
Please feel free to message me anytime!


Abbie, I just joined and I sent my daughter your Snapchat. I’m trying to find her a support group for T1D.

I hope that was ok.

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Hey! Yes that’s great; I’d love to get to know your daughter! :slight_smile:

Hi Abbie. My daughter was recently diagnosed in Jan. She is 16 and pretty emotional about it. Her name is Laiya. Can you please add her to your snapchat T1 Teens? Her user name is Laiya.gabi.

God bless you all brave kids. Continue to take care of yourself and live to the fullest.

Hi Linda!
Yes, I’d love to have your daughter join our group!! Can you have her add me at bookwormnerd13? I tried adding her by username but it’s not working.


I’m 62 and have been living with type 1 for 12 months. Yeah, too old. . .

Seriously though, I do get great insight via the fora. Hang in there! Our daughter was diagnosed at 11 and she remains strong 14 years later.


hey! i have t1d and i would love to be friends! :slight_smile:

hello, that would be great! my Snapchat is epgerakaris <----------username

My name is Amelia I’m 15 as well and I have had diabetes since I was 3. I would love some more diabetic friends! My Instagram is amelia.k.522 and my sc is amelia_522

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Hello, I’m a parent of a 13 yr old. We could use some support and he could use some peers with the same health needs…does anyone live in San Antonio, Texas?

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I live in San Antonio, ive had T1D since i was 7, im currently 16. If she wants to talk tell her to hit me up on snapchat @nochillisabella (:slight_smile:

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Sure. I’m 14 and have had T1D for almost 3 years (I was diagnosed at 11) I know nobody at all with type one so it’ll be good to talk to some one else.

Hey, I’m Laney :sunflower:. I’m 14 and was diagnosed 7 years ago. I’m looking for some T1D friends too. Id love to be friends:)

Hi… I’m Indu. I’m 29 and have been living with type one for the past 23 years. My frnd recommended this community to me. I’m glad to have been able to read about other type 1 s experiences. It’s a whole different scene where I come from. People tend to hide the disease .
Good work all of you…
We are all so alpha that our beta cells quit working😁

I am living life to my fullest. I have had some ups and downs but I have gotten through them all and believe I am stronger for them. I wish you the best and always remember, you will get through it. Listen to This Is My Fight Song,

Hello I’m Valerie I’m 16 years old iv had diabetes since I was 3 years old so about 13 years. Iv hade struggles. It’s hard being a teen and having diabetes. We all should have a group chat if you want to my instagram is : Valerie.ilu

My name is Jessica and I’m a nurse. I have a couple relatives with diabetes, but all are middle age or older.
Hey, I’m doing an educational assignment; teaching diagnosed diabetics how to prevent complications
If you are interested in gaining more knowledge please email me at jeja1003@yahoo.com

Hi laney! My name is kaylee, and I’m 14 I would love to talk, and become friends with you! I have been looking for t1d friends too.

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Great maybe we can talk sometime!