Over and Under- T1D Pal

I’m here in my home town wondering… Where others like me maybe? If not nearby let me find a more common ground, over 21 and under 30 in age. Diagnosed more than 5yr ago, like me! :thinking: :smirk: :sunglasses: :earth_americas: Surely wondering where he/she maybe!!! Let me know, to start a conversation :smiley:

hello @T1D.TAB Tabatha

hey sorry I am nowhere near your age criteria, but you may find that the more restrictive you are, the less responses you will get. t1 isn’t all that common.

You can always look up the JDRF chapter near you by clicking http://www.jdrf.org/chapter-select/ and putting in your zip code. Sometimes the chapters have fundraisers and it can be a good time to meet others in your area.

good luck!

Hey Tabatha! I’m Kayla. I’m turning 22 next month and I’ve been diabetic for a little over 6 years now. I’m not in Texas, but I’m available for chatting online.

In Eastern High Sierra’s for a couple years. Prior in San Diego 35 years. T1 for a few decades with many experiences living life beyond the T1 in lifestyle, sports and interests. Non tradional here, but, so is my humble controls in place for my T1 longetivity