New friends

Hi I am Carly I’m am 17 years old. I’m from Los angeles. I am in he process of getting an insulin pump. I really want to meet others with t1d because I don’t know anyone really. Hope you hear from someone:)

I’m here :slight_smile:

Hi Carly!

It can hard not knowing anyone with T1D. If you ever need someone to talk to or advice feel free to message me! I am nineteen now, but I was diagnosed at the age of three You can also follow my blog at:


I’m also here. But I am only 13 years old.

I’m here too… I fall in at 14, but I would be glad to chat with you!!

I am 14 as well and would love to chat! You can message me on here, or add me on instagram. I would probably get back to you faster via instagram but either way works :slight_smile:

hey carly! I live in San Jose and I’m 18 years old :slight_smile: you can message me on here or instagram me! my username is the same as on here

OH i hope you doing great with it. i know the life changes all at once but you will be fine :slight_smile:

Hi Carly,

Thats Exciting! Congrats! Pumps make T1D life SO much easier! Im 17 and have had T1D for 6 years now. Feel free to message me!


Hi feel free to message me. I was your age when I was diagnosed 36 years ago. At that time i had no siabetic friends and these groups were not around. I am glad you have a network! Message me anytime and I am a native Californian from the LA area as well!

I am the oldie but goodie but please still feel free to message me :slight_smile: