Need a dia-buddie?

Hey my name is Sabrina; I’m 16 & have had t1d since I was 8. If anyone (around my age) wants to talk or get to know each other, feel free to contact me. I don’t know anyone in my are (NV) w/ t1d and hope I can meet new friends😊

Hey my names alyssa, I’m from Washington I’m 15 almost 16 but it would be super cool to talk n get to know each other my snap is alysssahyaaatt and my insta spiffy.lys and my email is hmu whenever :slight_smile:

Hey Sabrina!!

My name is Cassidy I am 13 years old and have had diabetes for 8 years I would LOVE to connect with you as I am also looking to connect with some other T1Ds! I am more than happy to help with any questions you have at any time too!

I really hope to hear from you sometime soon!

Hi there,
My names becky and I’m also a type one and would love to connect feel free to follow me on instagram and we can chat (my user name is a joke because of how tiny i am)