Looking to meet other Type 1 adults in Las Vegas

HI there. I am a 32 y/o gal with type 1 diabetes, living in Henderson NV (Las Vegas) I feel pretty alone in my illness, because I have no one in my life who can understand all the crap I go through. I’d love to meet up with other type 1 diabetics in my area and hopefully make some connections. Thanks for reading my 1st post!

Hi Amy @missamy30, we could meet for coffee and share our knowledge about TypeOne except that we live 2,00 mile from each other.
I meet for coffee monthly called “Cups of Hope”, a JDRF sponsored event in my area - there might be a similar group near Henderson where you might meet other people like you - also in my area there are evening groups for young adults with diabetes and also a very active youth group.
You could discover what is in your area by visiting the main JDRF webpage [jdrf.org] and looking under “JDRF Near You” and also “Events …”. There is a Nevada Chapter of JDRF in Las Vegas, phone 702-732-4795.

Hey i just signed up myself and feel the exact same way. No one can really understand unless they actually go through it, which i dont wish this disease on anyone! If you have a facebook lets connect! I literally have no other people that are type 1 that i know. Btw i live in pahrump, NV my facebook name is Ricky Hanson im the one with the panther in my profile pic.