Looking for T1D friends!

Hi, I’m Natsumi.
I am 24years old and I have had T1D for 14years now.
I don’t know anyone who has T1D here since I just moved to America from Japan. I hope to have someone who I can talk about T1D with.
Thank you.

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Hi Natsumi @Natsumi and welcome - for you a double welcome.
One of the easiest ways to meet people on this TypeOneNation site is to pose questions and to respond to other postings. To meet other people with TypeOne diabetes in person, I suggest that you attend one or some of the many events around the country and in your area. Where are you located?
To find different functions in your locale, go on to the “Events Tab” at the top of this page and search - I especially recommend the TypeOneNation Summit to meet others, but there are also fundraising walks, bike rides and Galas. There are many JDRF Chapters around the country who have regular meetings - I attend monthly.
I’d be happy to talk with you anytime - message me or email me.

Hi Dennis. Thank you for your advice! I live in Sanjose,CA now. and Actually,I’ve been thinking to go to the JDRF’s event. I hope to meet people there.

Yes @Natsumi try to attend the JDRF event and also see if you are able to fit a JDRF Chapter meeting into your schedule. The Chapter meeting is the place where you really meet with people and share thoughts and ask questions in a supportive environment.
And post regularly on here to anything that interests you - a way to establish on-line friendships.

Welcome to the group and the USA. California has a very active T1 community and they have T1 meet ups quite often. A lot are published in another community called Beyond Type 1 use this link to check it out. I know you’ll be amazed how many of us there are everywhere not just California :grinning:

Let me know how you like it…

Aloha!!! Welcome!! I currently live in Las Vegas and wish i knew more Type1s that lived close. But I also think the best way is to go to events! Please if ever you want to chat or in vegas hit me up!! Cali is a beautiful would rather be there then here but cost of living is just like hawaii and thats why I left my home to do more in life that i could afford hahaha hope to hear from Mahalas Mikala

Hi everyone! I am from Indiana, and I wish there were more T1’s where I live. I would love to get to know you guys, also, I have had Diabetes for just over 9 years. I hope that someday T1 Diabetes is cured, and I hope to make lots of T1 friends!