Looking for T1 diabetic friends near nashville

I live in Murfreesboro but I work in Franklin. Just wondering if there are any T1 out there wanting to connect. Would be cool to get into the local community here. I just moved from Florida so I don’t rly know anyone😂

Hey Aaron!
My name’s Bella, I’ve lived in Nashville my entire life and I was diagnosed with T1 just four months ago at 17, (I’m now 18).
How old are you? What’s your story? :slight_smile:

I’m n upper east tenn. a few hrs away, but not that far. I’m older than the ther poster, 57. But willing to be a friend. As I don’t know anyone near me who is T1D.

Hi, well I’m 25 but I recently moved back to florida😫. But I may move back to Nashville at some point who knows. But I’m happy to stay friends and talk:) or if you need advice or help or whatever:) just know you arnt alone!

Hi Aaron @Aaajo1993 and Bella @BellasheaT1D, nice if you guys can get to talk.
A really great way to meet other people, all ages, with T1d is through “local” JDRF Chapters. Try attending some of the events; you can get lots more information and events by clicking the “ Events ” tab at the top of this page and selecting “ JDRF Near You ”.

Good luck!