Looking for other t1d friends

Hi my name is christina i am 12 years old if anyone would like to talk [edited] I have been diagnosed for around three years

@Christina10 hello Christina and welcome to type one nation! I just saw this post and I wanted to say that there are plenty of people to talk to right here. Also, this is a public forum so your instagram would be completely public both inside type one nation and to the internet, if you put it here - and that’s why I took it off.

You can go to the resources tab at the top of the page [or click here] to find a JDRF support like the ODST or diabetes mentors. You can go to the JDRF website and find a local chapter [click here].. the local chapters have fundraisers like JDRF walk or ride, and you will be able to meet many people that way.

Hope you are doing okay with diabetes, we already know it’s no fun!