Spring City, Pa

I can’t seem to find anybody around my age with T1D near me. Anybody willing to be my friend, or at least talk. I could use new people to talk to around here.

Certainly Rayanne @RayyrrayT1D, I’ll be your friend and we can talk about living with diabetes and anything else that impacts your condition. But I’m no where near Pennsylvania - I’m in Florida.

I can suggest how you can meet other people living with diabetes, but you will to use the internet or make calls; I wish the internet was available 60+ years ago - I lived “alone” with diabetes for almost 25 years before I met someone with diabetes with whom I could to share thoughts.

The “Events TAB” at the top of this page has stuff going on and people near you that you can find by entering your location; also you can enter your zip code in the top margin at jdrf.org for “JDRF Near You”. I strongly recommend the TypeOneNation Summits for meeting other people with diabetes [PWD].

Right near you there are JDRF Chapters Eastern Pennsylvania, Delaware and South Jersey. The Eastern PA Chapter contact information is:
Contact Us
555 Croton Road
Suite 111
King of Prussia, PA 19406
More Contact Info

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type 1 is pretty rare. if it weren’t for this forum I would only know a few people with diabetes. like @Dennis wrote, the JDRF local chapter can put you in contact with others nearest you.

if you need some personal email support, you can contact the online diabetes support team (ODST) here and someone will email you back. there are other threads here where some people are using snapchat and you can always talk about what’s up with you right here.