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This need a new section. The page has a section for carb counting, teens, college kids, driving, and pregnancy. While a majority of us can use the carb counting and driving section, very few of us can use the teens and college kids section, and half of us can use the pregnancy section.

I think we need a Work sections because almost ALL of use will be working someday. Those college kids might benefit from knowing what it’s going to be like taking care of themselves while working. The ones over 26 will especially want to know what happens when they can no longer use Mom and Dad’s insurance.

hello @khurt,

Recently T1N has gone through some work on “streamlining” the number of groups at this site. If you can imagine, there could be an unlimited number of groups and special interests. I can ask the site developers if a dedicated “Work” group might be something to consider, but in the meantime - maybe you can start a thread in “Adults” or “Daily Living” dealing with work issues to see how many of our members participate.

Please feel free to start a topic.


Thanks for responding. I understand the need to keep the number of groups manageable. Why a diabetes and arts group? I think that’s more niche than a group dedicated to discussing work and diabetes? Athletes with diabetes? Just as small a focus area. Diabetes camps? Only applies to the under 18 demographic – less than 15% of people with diabetes. If the concern is proliferation of groups, May I suggest getting rid of those and creating a work related group?

hi @khurt,

I cant argue with you! I’ll push the request up and see if it gets traction. IN the meantine please feel free to start a topic (we can move the topics to the group later).

I’ve been working (at work) with T1 since 1982. I’ve been working full time since 1986. lots of opportunities to talk about with benefits, privacy, Hippa, insurance costs and availability, LTD, accommodations, travel, O*(&^%^% bosses… etc.! Start something up - I’ll join in for sure.

I’ve been type 1 for 26 years and I’m 40 so this is the type of forum that would interest me.
I hope there’s follow up with it