What's the deal?

So, I found out that in my town of Pacifica, CA that they have a surf group of T1 Diabetics for Youth and Teens.  While I think this is a great idea, I feel left out because I'm a T1, love to surf, however am no longer a yout or teen.  Why can't they open it to all T1's instead of limiting it to just youth and teens?  Or why not make one for Adults too?  But, I asked them why they couldn't make a group for adults and they used the excuse that there wouldn't be enough members.  Well how would they know?  Have they tried it?  Did they take a survey?  So I asked them if they could then just make it a group for ALL T1s instead and they said that then the youth would not feel "special" enough to stay.  WHAT THE HECK DOES THAT MEAN?! 

Arrgghhh!  So frustrated.  Why does T1 only get focused on children.  What happens when those children grow up?!  What, people think they grow out of their diabetes?!  I don't get it...why are we, as adults, left out of the picture for T1 Diabetes?

You should start the adult group! Tell them that you're starting the group, and ask if you can have events together occasionally.

Hey ScrappyDy,

  Try my story, Dx'ed type 1 Aug./08 at age 52. This is a small group, seems to be getting bigger.LOL

Here's another one to try. I'm 77 and was diagnosed when I was 10. I was T1 when I was 10, and of course, I'm still T1.

Seriously Scrappy, start the group!  I started a social group for adults w/ T1 in Austin and you have to be over 18 to be in it.... This came from my frustration with the fact that EVERYTHING for t1 is aimed at kids... I was 22 when I was diagnosed!  If I lived in Cali, I would totally join your surf group!

Aw, thanks guys!  I'd start the group myself, however with my work schedule, I wouldn't be able to keep up with it.  That's why I just want to join one instead.  I don't want to start a group and be so active then suddenly abandon it for a few months while at work and then come back, only to do it over again.  That would be totally unfair to the members.  When working in the film industry, you never have a set or routine schedule.  It's always changing and very unpredictable.

Anyway, I'll be 30 at the end of this year and I'll be wanting to start a family soon, so I'll probably switch careers and when I do I'll be able to start the group for sure.

Oh I meant, I'll be 30 at the end of this month.  Well, technically that would be at the of this year.  LOL!  Ok.  Don't mind me....brain fart, I guess.  Ha!

I was diagnosed in March 2009 at age 44.

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I was diagnosed in March 2009 at age 44.


Oh, pretty recently...How are you coping so far?

Me too at 46years old just this year in Feb. How are you coping?

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Me too at 46years old just this year in Feb. How are you coping?


Wow!  This site is amazing!  I'm finding more and more adults w/T1 on here and so I don't feel as left out anymore.  I have to admit that this site does making coping a lot easiear and more manageable.

I am right there with you. I feel frustrated that there are massive amounts of support groups for younger T1 people, but no support groups (ah...but I can't say that any more...THANK YOU JUVENATION--you have no idea how much you have changed my life for the better...no idea) for adults.

It is strangely demoralizing. Maybe it's the US obsession with youth that does it. I don't know. I felt isolated and chaotic in a different way when I was young (severe pain a lot as well...but I think it must be far worse for today's young T1 people because the things that T1 people hear now are mind boggling. Back when I was a young T1, people said very stupid things from time to time...now it's everywhere, in ads, websites, bullying...it sounds god awful).

That being said, I have different versions of a range of feelings which often include isolation and alienation. For what it's worth, I understand the position in your post. I do not envy the young T1 people....it seems like a war zone now....thanks to the lousy media coverage and the way information just sprouts up everywhere and looks valid, even when it is absolutely hideous.