T1D and UNCW

Hey yall. So I’m now starting college at the University of North Carolina Wilmington and I want to know if there are any T1D’s near or here. Let me know!

Hi Shayd,
We live in Wilmington, my daughter is 18 and T1D. There is a JDRF chapter here, and I hope you can find a college group too. Good luck this year, UNCW is a great place! My daughter is leaving for college in Texas, I dread her being so far away. It is tough for parents! Take care of yourself and enjoy college.
Gina McKim

Thanks Gina! Wow Texas what a place. Please tell your daughter to be safe especially during this storm and also as a college T1D. I’m aware of the JDRF chapter and I hope to get one on campus potentially. May I ask, but where did your daughter go to high school. I went to Isaac Bear.

Hi Shayd! I’m a student at Kansas State University and I started my own College Diabetes Network chapter. It’s basically a group for people with diabetes to get together and talk about what it’s like to have T1D and how we balance it in college. You can check out collegediabetesnetwork.org for awesome resources that answer questions about college and diabetes. Also, you can see if there is a chapter at UNCW, or if you want to start your own chapter at UNCW there is info on how to get started with that under the Campus Chapters tab! Good luck with the semester!

Thanks becca. We actually don’t have any diabetic organizations on campus. Starting with CDN sounds great. Thanks!

Of course! If you have any questions I’d be happy to share my experience with getting a chapter started. Good luck!