College daughter with T1D

Daughter is Freshman in College - she is on her one year diaversary this week - just curious how to convince her to reach out to others on campus that have T1D. No pump and no CGM- her numbers are fairly well accept for some room mate stress and late night eating. Hard to truly know the carbs from the campus food (yes she has spoken with the dining manger and they work together). Just looking for some direction to help her reach out to the campus diabetes organization. She is still "embarrassed about having T1D. When they had the club fair she didnt want to be “seen” at the table. When I suggest emailing then I get the “i am fine mom”. Any suggestions would be great

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My only suggestion is for you. She’ll manage her way, and that might not be your (our) way and we really have no choice except to accept it. My T1D child is very much the same. She is hell-bent on not being different and that includes not connecting with other T1D and not being seen testing or dosing. I promised I would not advise, suggest, interfere, etc. provided she practiced good management habits: testing a minimum of five times a day and addressing high bg by checking for ketones and correcting. They’re fledging.

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Thanks - i guess i just need to not stress. Its just when she gets a high read (stress related and trouble calculating food/carbs) i wish she would have a “person/group” that could help her out. Thanks again for your help.

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Don’t forget she does have resources to help her out when she has a high read. You are not right there, but just a text away. Also, managing T1D is a marathon, not a sprint. She is playing the long game.

Thanks. It know it will get better but I wish she would be more “accepting” and reach out to the resources available and not be embarrassed. Oh well it’s Only been a year and she is doing well. So I guess I am lucky. Thanks again

It took me 10 years to get over being ashamed I had T-1. Please don’t tell her to do something she doesn’t want to right now or she will communicate with you less. Let her know you love her and that you trust her good judgment. I would give anything, if my parents had said that.


Hi there,
I was diagnosed during my freshman year of college. It sure wasn’t easy but it’s all about finding support and resources…Have you checked out the T1D podcasts and other resources at Part 1 and 2 interview college students with T1D.

@CureIt Thanks - she does come to me and does enjoy her life and has not let this stop her. We have gone on vacation (time zones away) and managed - she manages well i just wish she would reach out to the support group at school for those “just in case” moments////

@sugarfreedom - i have just learned about that site so we will look at while she is home on break.

Thanks again