Make some friends with T1D

Hey my names maria I’ve had Diabetes since i was 2, I’m 18 now and in my first semester of college. It’s been kinda hard lately and I would love to have some friends who know what I’m going through.

Hi Maria,
I’m a full time college student and it can be so hard to manage diabetes and classes. Check out the College Diabetes Network’s website. They have awesome resources for college students with diabetes.
Here’s a link to their burnout page:
Aaaaand here’s another link to their campus chapters page:
They have chapters all over the U.S. at different colleges. These chapters provide a good way for college students with diabetes to get together and talk about what it’s like to have diabetes in college. I hope you can get connected with some people with diabetes!
Also, feel free to add me as a friend on here!

Hey I’m now going into my second year of college! Diabetes has been a part of my life for 12 years now, I’m 19 year old. If you ever want to talk add me on snapchat @ ayo.becca


My name is Peter. I’ve had Type 1 for 15 years now. I’m 22 and finished my bachelors degree this past December. College is one of the most fun and challenging experiences you’ll have, especially with type 1. Do us all a favor and use it as a chance to help educate all those out there who are spouting off nonsense from the 80s and most likely more related to those with Type 2 :slight_smile: There’s a lot to experience in your next 4 or so years, but always take that little extra time to test, count, dose, and think ahead. For some of my Type 1 friends going to college was the first time they were really 100% managing all of their health. Make some good choices for your health, but remember that this should be a fun time in your life. Don’t sweat the small stuff, you’re at one of the most inconsistent times in your life especially with your diabetes. You probably don’t have a set schedule for when you eat, exercise, or even wake up. But on the bright side it is 100% manageable, and you can get everything out of your college experience that your non Type 1 peers do.