Juvenation app?

Ha ha yeah… Well I was just thinking it would be cool to have an app for juvenation. Or is there already one? I don’t have a smart phone but I do have an iPod… Idk- what do u guys think haha?? Or am I just being a geek :stuck_out_tongue:

I've actually searched for that and i was thinking the same thing. There should be an app!

Open your web browser on your mobile device and point to http://m.juvenation.org and you should see the mobile version of this website.

Yeah I use that :/ but it would be cool to have like a "button" (??)  haha so we could just click it and be there :) i dunno just an idea

i agree i want an app for it too!! :)

Yeah there should, HEAR THAT JDRF!!!!!!

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