A mobile site?

i cant respond to stuff on here with my ipod touch. because it is convenient on the run, i tend to do all my internet stuff on there and can only read posts. i think it would be a widely used thing if we could get a "mobile site" like i get on facebook from my ipod. even better, an app. is there anyone else who would appretiate this?

There is no mobile version of Juvenation yet. I hope one will be developed. Maybe if enough people want it we can get it quicker!!

What a great idea. People could use the site from anywhere. I am so for this!!!!!!!!

if there was a juvenation app, i would definatly pay for it!

I agree! It would be great to interact with the Juvenation world via my iPod Touch.

Ditto. It would make things easier. I could back to things faster. I love my iPod touch for all the time it can save me.