Juvenation app for smart phones?

Is there a Juvenation app like the Facebook app for smart phones yet or at least one in progress?  I would like to have this app.  I have an android phone which has a Diabetes Log/Glucose Tracker, hbA1c Tracker, Insulin Calculator, and Carb Counter apps to help me stay on top of my game wherever I go...But, I'd love to have a Juvenation app too!

I agree--I would love to have an application for my MyTouch Slide--also a Droid.  Since the Android market is an open application market, anyone who is computer savvy can contact Google and create an application for it. 

Oh!  Unfortunately, I'm not computer savvy.  :o( 

Me either.  I'm just a PDA technician for T-Mobile so I fix the phones but that is about it.  Would be nice though.  I use the app called OnTrack for BG tracking,  love it.

Yeah!  That's the one I have too!  OnTrack.  I love it too!  I have the Incredible with Verizon.  It's way better than my BB Storm.  Anyway, I can use any power or pneumatic tool, a welder, and draw and paint...but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to use computers other than the basics.  I can barely figure out Photoshop!