Juvenation App!

Wo talso thinks tht there should be a juvenation app?

i do

good idea

that would be great!

What features should the app have?

^everything the normal site has, just available more conveniently in an app. And anyway, there's supposed to be "an app for everything!" But theres not one for juvenation :(

that would be nice but it sucks there isnt one.

If we were to have an app what would be your favorite features?

the ability to reply to forums and just have easy access to the site

This would be great because it would give more people access to the site if they don't have a computer at home

i think that is a good idea because i have a IPhone 4s and we go camping a lot and i would want to use the app instead of the Internet that comes on the iPhone and or you can get google chrome and all of that!

message, friends, groups, your wall, and the main wall and more

What about a notification option where you can enable notifications when people reply to you or post in the same group/thread as you! Same goes for friend requests and private messages.

I would definitely use the Juvenation app....if I had a smart phone!!!! lol