In need of T1D friends

Hi, my name is Priscilla. I am 27 years old and live in Tucson, AZ. I was diagnosed with T1D in November of 2016. I am looking to make some T1D friends and hoping some live in my area. Also support, someone to talk to and share advice.

Hi Cilla @cilla_type1, we all want to talk with someone who understands diabetes You can always chat on here and on some other diabetes sites but it it is so much nicer talking face-to-face.
JDRF sponsors events where you can meet people who understand you and there are JDRF Chapters all over the place. I suggest that you visit the main JDRF page [] and click “Near You” in the top margin - also, the “Events TAB” at the top of this page probably has contacts very near you.

Good Luck

Im here to talk! I’m 26 and have been a T1D for 15 years…

hey, im 29 years old. diagnosed in feb of this year.

Hi Priscilla. My name is David and I am 40 years old who has been a T1D since age 7. I reside in Vancouver, BC but surely can offer you any assistance/support with T1D.

Hello! I am T1D for 26 years and I’m 28 years old. In all of my years, I have never found someone as profound as this right here:

This guy is my idol. He is 84 years old, 72 YEARS of living with diabetes, completely complication free (except a few he had that he couldn’t reverse). His free monthly webinar is happening tonight, and I will be on there listening. You can ask him a question too and see if he answers it!
Basically, the idea is a low carbohydrate diet, similar to the ketogenic diet. This makes you controlling blood sugars simple and easy.
Hope you find it useful! The book is called Diabetes Solution, and can find it on Amazon for $23.93.

Hi Priscilla!

I had T1D since I was 26 years old . I live in Los Angeles. Let me know if you want to chat.



Here 350 miles apart, but, all the advice with a few decades of experience here and friend if you wish. I’m on Dexcom and Omnipod, you?

Hi Priscilla,

I’m 27 and have been a T1D since I was 21. I live in Chicago but I’m here if you ever want to talk.