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My name is Samantha. I am 17 years old and was diagnosed in November of 2017. My diagnosis is pretty recent and I am struggling a lot. I am kind of looking for people around my age that have recently been diagnosed too, but I love everyone. I need diabetic friends. Lol. Im the only one with T1D in my family, school, and basically it feels like everywhere. I’m a super fun person! Go birds and TTP

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@Samanthagallucio hi Samantha, I don’t fit in to either your age or recently diagnosed but I still wanted to say hi.

there are a lot of people here around your age and so I am sure they will speak up.

T1 is relatively uncommon so it’s no surprise that you don’t have a lot of peers at school. You might find more live support at a JDRF fund raiser - the JDRF has locations you can find the closest one to you the the JDRF website. or you can check out our own “Resources” tab at the opt of the page or click here

hope you are doing ok!

@Samanthagallucio Hey, my name is Lauren and I’m 16. I’m not newly diagnosed,but I’m still struggling a bit. I’m in search of diabetic friends as well. Lol


I am 16 and was recently diagnosed in the past year and I have no Diabetic friends. If anyone wants to talk I am willing to meet people. Add me on Snapchat @Fishmister5

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hi i’m rachel and i’m newly diagnosed as well! 3 months acutely! i’m 17 and would love a t1d friend!

Omg queen same except I was diagnosed like a few year ago

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I’m Rita and I’m fifteen and have been a diabetic for about four years now. I can help to the best of my ability!

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Hi Samantha.
i’m 17 and I’ve been a diabetic since i was 6. I’ve grown up with this condition and it’s pretty much all i know. being diagnosed older in your childhood had to have been tough. as you’ve had it longer trust me you get used to it but i wouldn’t necessarily say it gets easier, but you get some of your sanity back lol. try to keep your mind off it as much as possible cus the more you sit in this illness the more it will get to you. if you haven’t already look into getting a cgm, and an insulin pump. but if you don’t like being attached to something 24/7 then i would stay with shots. being unhappy with your treatment is actually one of the biggest causes for T1D breakdowns and burnouts and trust me I’ve been there plenty of times too. I’m here if you need anything or just want to talk.