Hey everyone! my name is Lindsey and i am new to Juvenation! I am currently 16 years old and i have been diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes since 2003! And still going strong! 

Nice to have you here with us, Lindsey. Welcome to the website! I hope you've been able to make some friends while you're on here and find whatever information you may be looking for. Glad to "meet" you!

Hi - I'm Tricia and diagnosed with T1 officially as of today. after going to the dr office for a physical, my bs came back at 312 and then A1c at 12.1, today got back my GAD's and confirmed T1. I am on glemepride and metaformin, but will transition to insulin, next week.  I am 42, have always been healthy, except for gallbladder surgery in 1990, I have a wonderful husband and 5 year old daughter, went to doctor to get caught up on physical really hoping to have a baby...with this news, I am just utterly dumbfounded.....my labs also showed still making a small amount of insulin...I am thankful this website exists, but not sure exactly where to start...this just feels like a lot right now...

Lindsey---welcome to juvenation, so inspiring to see your positivity!!