Hi everyone!

Hi everyone!

My name is Jessica, I'm 27 years old, diagnosed at 10.  MiniMed pump at 14.  I had some diabetic kids I was friends with at my high school, but no one since then.  I've been meaning to join this site for a while, and I finally did it.  I'm excited to get involved and get support from those who know exactly what I'm going through.



Today is a day full of new people! We're so happy you made the choice to join Juvenation :o) This is a fantastic place to be, if I may say so. Welcome to the site :D

Welcome to Juvenation !

I'm 32 yrs old, T1 for 27 yrs. (on Nov. 23.)

Hey Jessica!  I'm new here too, but there seems to be lots of greats folks here and boatloads of information.

Diagnosed 33 years ago at age 8.


Welcome Jessica! Glad to see you joined Juvenation.  I personally so far have found this website to be very helpful and there are a lot of supportive people on here going through the same thing you are. 




Welcome :)

Welcome Jessica!!  This is the most wonderful place for support and guidance!!  Everyone is so helpful and offers the best!!

Hello Jessica, this is a very good diabetes site! I am told that the average age of the members here is twenty something. I am 71, so maybe I don't exactly fit in, but they haven't kicked me out yet. Lol!

I have been type 1 for 65 years and I am doing very well. I hope you will do well too! Ask all the questions you want.


Hey. Welcome aboard.