Endo. suggestions, Dallas, tx

I was diagnosed early July, and went to the Endo my PCP recommended.
To keep it short he is horrible and I need to find another Endo in the Dallas, Fort Worth Tx area.
Any tips on how to find the best Endo for type 1?

Just out of curiosity Joshua @jc89 by what criteria do you rate an endocrinologist? Do you want an endocrinologist who will:

  • Tell you that you are a pretty boy and just doing awesome; or
  • An endocrinologist who will challenge you to take charge, with guidance, and become you own BEST primary caregiver.

I want one, and I’ve had a few, during my 60+ years living with diabetes who I’ve rated as “vey good” and the ones from whom I’ve benefited the most have been those who placed the burden of my care on my shoulders.

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I switched to Endocrinology Specialists of North Texas (Baylor). I like my endo, Dr. Welch, truthfully tho, I’ve been managing my T1 pretty well, so I haven’t had to challenge them much.

My first endo was supposed to one of the best in Dallas. He kept insisting I was T2. Ultimately he retired. His replacement was just out of training and our personalities didn’t fit. Then I did an online search and looked at reviews until I thought I found someone. Not the most scientific selection method, but it seems to have worked for me.

Denis, great question.
My current Endo has lost lab work, rescheduled appointments without notification, failed to schedule lab tests he said I need. So I know I need a new Dr.
However, I have limited experience with Dr’s so I don’t know who I would feel comfortable able around.
Between my dog and girlfriend, I feel like I have plenty of support. So right now I just need a Dr for the scientific aspect. Hand holding isint required but I need someone to point me in the right direction to take control of this and I have to be confident in their ability to fine the best medicine for me.
I hope that clears it up if not let me know.

Is the a site that has a compilation of reviews or did you have to hunt them down yourself?
Thanks for the help guys!

Yep. Those are the kind of things that would really frustrate me too.
I did a basic Google search (Endocrinologist, Dallas). They are usually in group practices, so everybody in the group is lumped together. There will be reviews on each with comments. There are also Yelp reviews. I don’t know of one site with all of them listed and reviewed, but I’m not very internet savvy. Also important to me was location and of course, who takes your insurance.

If you plan on setting up an a appointment with somebody new, I also recommend calling the office and explaining what has happened to you (maybe speak to the office manager). How do they respond? Being newly diagnosed is hard and scary. Having a caring and capable front office is extremely important.

Hey Joshua. Just did a google search for the hell of it. There was actually a page “Best Endocrinologists in Dallas”. Had tons of reviews.

Very well put and I fe4el the same way Dennis