Endo in Cincinnati

Hi - I’m looking for recommendations on an endocrinologist in Cincinnati. I’m 32 and was diagnosed with type 1 when I was 18. Had a great experience at Children’s Hospital, but haven’t really been happy with any endocrinologist I’ve seen since then. I’ve been trying to upgrade to the G6 over the past month, and the administrative issues at this office have made me decide it’s time to move on. Anyone out there love the endocrinologist they see?!?


Michael, I do not know if any, but I will ask my friend Robin who happens to be from Canton, went to OSU Med school with her hubby… she is a gyn and he is a hospitalist with the VA here in Oregon…
I will also ask my PERSONAL endo for suggestions as she went there for med school as well too… I will try to get back to you as soon as I know (will text Robin and Tom when I get home)

That would be great. Thank you Beccagae!

I have been seeing Dr. Denney Queen for a year or two now and have been really happy with her! She has been a little hard to get into but I think it was worth the wait!

When I was in law school at UC, and actually diagnosed during my first year, I saw Dr. Barbara Ramlo-Halsted. At the time, she was practicing at the diabetes center at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center, but when I looked her up just now, she seems to have moved on to her own practice. My experience was certainly a little different, and I only saw her for 2 1/2 years (law school!), but my experience was very positive. I hope I could help.

Thank you Maggie! Dr. Queen is actually in the same office as the Dr. I’m currently seeing. I’ve honestly been more fed up with the office than my doctor specifically. I’ve been trying to upgrade to the Dexcom G6 lately and it was a nightmare trying to get the paperwork from the office in order to get approved. As for the Doctor I see, I don’t feel like she helps very much adjusting my basal/bolus rates based on my Dexcom readings. What do you like about Dr. Queen? I don’t know if I could switch Doctors within the same office….might be a little awkward.