Hey ya'll in need of a lil help! In the past 7 yrs I have been through 8 endocrinologists and 7 of those have never been helpful with my aggressivness of diabetes and the other 1 doesnt practice anymore. I was curious if anyone could recommend a doctor, preferably comfy with extreme neuropathy, retinopathy and gastropareses, in the state of texas???? Any help or suggestions will do!! Thank you soo much!!

I highly recommend going to Diabetes America, formerly known as Diabetes Centers of America. I live in Houston and there are numerous locations. I would assume that there are some in the Austin area. They are great. All bloodwork is done on sight, they have educators and nutritionist on site. Its a one-stop-shop. I absolutely love it there.

I go to Dr. Meera Amar in Waco. She's part of the Providence Healthcare Network, and she's highly involved in research. I think she's been nominated for a town of awards, but anyway, her and her team of nurses, the dietician (she is WONDERFUL!) and the diabetic specialist are all very helpful and pretty aggressive with getting numbers in control. Good luck! :)