I need a new endo

Hey all,

So I just moved to Queens a short while ago and I am looking to find a new endocrinologist. If anyone out there can recommend anyone that would be great. Thanks!



I can recommend one but he's not in Queens.  However, a short train ride to Philadelphia will get you to the Rodebaugh Diabetes Center at the University of Penn.  The diabetes program there has turned me around.



I can recommend an endo on long island. I'm not sure how far your willing to travel but I don't think its too far from queens. A friend of mine that refered me to her is from dougleston queens and she says its not that far. The dr's name is Ilean Egan and she is with Winthrop hospital. She is located in Mineola. Her number is 516-6634782. I have my 1st appointment with her in a few weeks but i spoke to her before hand and she was extremely nice and very patient.

If you do not mind traveling to Philly area, either the Penn Rodebaugh diabetes Center or Dr. A. Dejerassi with Main Line Health System (Bryn Mawr Hospital).  Either are great.

insulin-pumpers has a user created list of doctors that might help: