I need help finding a new endo

Hey all,

So I just moved to Queens and I need to find a new endo in the area. I of course talked with my insurance provider first, and they gave me a huge list. I would like to find someone who deals specifically with type ones. The problem I notice with just diabetes specialists is that they getting in the habit of yelling and being bossy in dealing with type twos. Thats another topic altogether though, I am getting off track.

Can anyone recommend a good endo in the NYC area? If not can you recommend a convenient way to look for a good endo? Thanks.



While not all docs are on there, I find that RateMds.com is an excellent site. You can put in your location, specialty of choice, and whether you prefer a male or a female doc. You can then see ratings and comments that other folks have posted. Obviously, some are just rants by annoying people who don't like what the doc had to say, but you can get some good background info on a doc by reading the comments. The overall rating is out of 5 and basically I look at anyone who gets over a 3.5 with at least 5 or 6 ratings. If the list is too cumbersome, I get more picky and only look at 4s and above. I've found a couple of good docs in my area this way and managed to avoid some duds too. It's the next best thing to a personal reference.




You might see if your JDRF chapter there has any input on local endos.  They might know if one doctor specializes in type 1, type 2, thyroid issues, etc., and may be able to suggest a direction to start in.  You can look up your local chapter on the JDRF website here:  http://www.jdrf.org/index.cfm

Hope this helps, and good luck!