Diabetes complaints

hi yall i’m lucy! i’ve been looking on this sight quite a bit, but i think we need a place to voice our complaints and find people with the same complaints. maybe we could even help each other? diabetes stinks. it really, really, really stinks and what i’ve discovered is after a rather rough diabetes day/week/ even hour i’ll get frustrated and then take it out on someone who didn’t do anything to deserve it. maybe if we had a place to voice our issues with people who understand it would help!

Gee Wiz Lucy @lucybrumbough,

… you have complaints? I thought [from hearing people with out diabetes] that diabetes is really a bed of roses and that I should be content knowing I don’t have anything serious.

A little more seriously, I hear what you are saying and I relate to what you say because I do vent my frustrations on those closest to me who really are doing yeoman’s duty trying to help me understand that I really am doing OK, etc., and those who offer actual insight and understanding. Yes, that is what I’ve found during my 60 years trying to understand this T1D blessing.

In actuality, just about every group here on TON can be a forum for complaints; I’ve certainly expressed my frustration here and have always found someone who responded with care and concern along with helpful suggestions - sometimes just pointing out to me a slightly different angle. I invite you to share with others here your insights, offer suggestions when appropriate and YES, vent.


I agree with #Dennis that any forum can act as a vehicle for venting frustration with this frankly stupid disease. But most of us manage to find a sense of humor about it, and we have all been there mant times before so this is a safe place. Now if diabetes is starting to consume you with negativity, meeting with a diabetes educator or a counselor that deals with chronic illness can really hep you focus and work through it. We are survivors. But there will still be bad days sometimes, and that’s where we can help by being a shoulder to cry on.

Hi Lucy! I definitely hope you find this community to be a safe place to bring your frustrations! I’m blessed to have a couple of type one coworkers that I know will take me out for coffee and let me pour my heart out without judgement, and it is a HUGE part of helping me cope. We all have an understanding: TOMORROW I will be OK. TOMORROW I will pick myself up and get back in the game. But TODAY I just need to vent and have someone understand. Those honest conversations go a long way toward helping me deal with the crazy ride that is type one diabetes.