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I was diagnosed 10 years ago when I was 8 but my problems started about last August. I was starting a new college and was so buzzed to be meeting new people, but then I had 9 hospital admissions up to now, because of dka. To be honestly, it’s so lonely, especially not knowing anyone else with diabetes, it makes me feel like a diva that constantly moans about how crap diabetes is. If anyone wants a chat, I’d love to make a few friends who actually get the stress and what we have to go through everyday. We all need someone to talk to

Hey Melissa,

I know how you feel, Im sure we all do. Feel free to PM me if you would like to talk.

Hi @melissa_cal
I was diagnosed in February this year… I also was having nobody to tlk to … Try joining diabetes support groups on Facebook they might help … If u wnt to tlk u can add me here or also on Facebook, my facebook profile link: Redirecting... and my e-mail id is: doodlepoodle77@gmail.com
If u wnt to kno anything about diabetes or wnt to tlk to someone u can add me,msg me or e-mail me :slight_smile:
Or u can find many diabetes support groups on Facebook

Hey Melissa,
I was diagnosed 2 years ago when I was almost 16 and I totally understand what you mean. I also don’t know anybody with t1d and I feel alone in this too a lot of the time. Even though my friends are supportive, they just can’t ever totally understand what it’s like. Feel free to message me!

I just started college last week. Right now I’m 400 with large ketones alone in my room. Its so much harder being away from home


I know how stressful it can be. First and foremost take care of yourself. Do you know why you were at 400? I know, I have had high numbers, just a few weeks ago I saw the dreaded “High” on my meter. It took me a few since it was 3 in the morning, I look over at my arm and see that my infusion had come out. No insulin for about 6 hours and I had eaten a snack before I went to bed. It took almost 8 hours before I got my blood sugar down to normal. I have insulin resistance and the higher my blood sugar is the more insulin I need. Just remember your not alone.


@melissa_cal if you need anything feel free to email me alli@hurtclan.com or dm me on instgram @allison.hurt. I would love to talk.

-Allison :slight_smile:

hey melissa! I totally feel what you’re going through. I also feel super lonely not knowing anyone else who has diabetes. I would love to talk!

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Hello my name is felicia. I am 21 years old and was diagnosed with type 1 in 2003. I’ve had diabetes for a while now but continue to struggle with it. I would like to chat with you sometime! It would be nice to talk to someone who understands and not just someone who sees what I’m going through.

Heyy Melissa! I am going through that exact stage atm it would be great to chat and get to know each other​:blush::blush::blush: