Why - first poem

This is the first poem I wrote about diabetes when I was going through a really hard time. I don't remember it very well but I will write what I can and the spelling might be so-so but here we go (ha ha I did a funny :)

It's one of those days                                                                                    

 my body hurts and my brain is daized 

    been up all through the night 

     crumpaling family, bringing up fights

 I dont understand why it happened to me  

I just don't get it, I just can't see. 

 Somethings we will never understand 

But why not to another man(human)

 I think 'is it worth the fight'  

should I give up someday I might

 But for today I will carry on in hope someday it will be gone      





I Could not really figure out the format but here it is                                                                                           


That's really good. I can relate to this very much. When I was in the hospital I was thinking shouldn't I just give up?? Then I thought to myself give up on what? I was pretty much gonna give up on life I guess. Then I just changed my mind because I knew how much I had to live for. That is a really amazing peom. Especially for a first poem.

y's it so hard

y's it so tough

i just want 2 b normal

just 4 once

evry night i fear

that i wont wake

but im strong

im brave

and diebetise

go away



I really like you poem.  It's nice hearing a poem about something I've always felt so alone with.

Thanks for sharing