Poem I wrote about diabetes

I know this isn't really an article but I didn't really know where to post it:


It isn’t a walk in the park

And sometimes it feels like I’m in the dark

All alone and scared

But I knew everyone cared

They helped me out

Instead of shutting me out

I check my sugar many times a day

And sometimes I can’t go out to play

But don’t treat me different because I have an incurable disease

Treat me the same way pretty please!

By: Brittany Childers


That is such a beautiful poem Brittany. I think that it is wonderful that you are able to express yourself, and what you are feeling with poetry. Thank you so much for sharing.

Really good poem Brittany !

I agree with Happy Vegan! It's great you can express yourself with your words and thanks for sharing them with us.

Your poem is beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing it with all of us.

Hi Brittany,

I love your first poem, so I hope you don't mind my suggesting a few possible revisions.
Here's my version pf your poem:

by Brittany

It isn't a walk in the park

Sometimes it feels like I'm in the dark.

I check my sugar many times a day

Too high or too low, I can't play.

All alone, unhappy and scared

I'm grateful to everyone who cared.

Thank you guys for helping me out

Instead of blindly shutting me out.

So what if diabetes is an incurable disease

Just treat me the same.  Pretty please,

...With sugar on top! (Hehe).

I think its perfect, Brit, I know you're going to enjoy looking back on this!! Very nice!

Nice Job, Brittany !

i like that poem, good job brittany!!!

that's a great poem! i wish i could write like that, haha! anyway, that totally describes what all of us do everyday and i'm pretty sure everyone can relate to that 

awesome poem :)

hehe I like the remade versions "with sugar on top" ending, sounds like something I would give to my english teacher just to bug her cuz she hates creativity like that :P but that was an awesome poem somewhere WAY back i wrote my diagnosis story, maybe you can find it on the stories an poems page, or if you go to my profile and check back my history

That is AWESOME!!  My son is Type 1. . .I know how you must feel.  Writing lovely poetry is such a positve way to express yourself.  Keep it up!

very good poem! Good job! :)

WELL DONE Brittany! It's purrrfect just the way it is. Thank you for sharing :)

It's a really good poem and it really expresses how everyone probably feels. I wrote poetry too and when I get like a high or low blood sugarm they're very depressing :/