What was your last a1c level?

mine last was 6.7 and before last was 7

6.2 and 6.2 before that.  haha how consistent.

My last one was 5.9

my last one was 7.5 (6.4 before that but I had a LOT of lows so they up-d my target.) I hope my next one will be PERFECT!

*fingers crossed*

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6, before that (which was my first one) was 9

6.9 - Next one is next week and should be lower.

7.2  My sons first was 9.4 yesterday.

8.2 before that 7.9, 7.4, 9.1 I am almost positive this one in July will be in the 6s.


Last time my A1C was checked was a couple of months ago, but it was 4.6.

6.1 for me -  been ranging in the 5.7 to 6.2 for the past couple years - knock on wood.

Just had an "in-office" Ha1C done on Monday (6/8/09) and it was 6.9.  Last time back in January it was 6.3.  Boo for it going up, but yay for the opportunity for me to lower it...I just received my CGM on Wednesday and will be trained this coming Tuesday.  I've been reading lots of posts on here regarding the CGM and I have full confidence that I will see an Ha1C in the five's in the future.  I look very forward to that day!

7.1 here... 

Wow, how do you manage an A1C of 4.6.. I'm not judging but what are you often low?? What's your target range?

Yeah, I was wondering the same thing.  What does a 4.6 average out to?  Is that in the 80ish range?  That seems like it would be tough to maintain.

Yeah 80 range.. HMMMMMMMM I mean, ok so you can be in pretty good control most of the time, but to have such a low number for an A1C you would have to be in hypos alot.. I would think anyway.

Groff, what does your doctor think? Is your target range tighter than 4-7?

My last one was 7.2 and the one before that 7.0. I'm starting a pump in a couple weeks so hopefully my next one will be even better!

5.4!!! just today

11.8 in April

6.2 in may, which is WAY better than the 17 i had at diagnosis in february. 

i'm getting a pump before my next A1c, so hopefully i will keep the 6.2 or lower, and get rid of all the lows.