What is the best pump to consider?

Currently don’t have a pump, and doing research on the pumps that are out there. I am curious if anyone feels one pump is overall better than another to consider?

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There has been lots of discussion lately on here with pros and cons of various pumps - try searching using the magnifying glass at the top right. Currently for use in the US are three manufacturers/brands, Medtronic, Tandem and Insulet - there are also a few other pumps about to break on the scene. A recent extensive Topic on here was comparison of Medtronic with Tandem; a few months ago there was a lot about Insulet OmniPod.

I’ve only used three MiniMed [Medtronic] pump models so my personal experience ends there but I’m researching all pumps - I’ve held them all in my hands - and right now I’m leaning toward the Tandem t-Slim x2 for my next pump. Some of the features that attract me to the new t-Slim:

  • It is all proven technology;

  • I like the feel of the pump in my hand - not big and clumsy and I can read it well;

  • The software is updatable through the internet. For instance the recently FDA approved “Basal-IQ” software has been made available [free] for pump upgrades - compare that with my MiniMed pump that will not communicate with current Medtronic CGM;

  • The Tandem t-slim communicates with my Dexcom CGM

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My first 3 pumps were Minimeds. I was quite satisfied with them but when Tandem’s T Slim came out I liked the sleeker look. The features were the same so it wasn’t difficult to make the switch and I haven’t looked back.
I just upgraded to the TSlim X2, which communicates with my Dexcom G5 CGM. I was already using a Dexcom continuous glucose monitor, and while I had heard that Minimed had one of its own i had my doubts about Minimed’s CGM accuracy - they had had some issues but current users say those have largely been resolved. Still, I didn’t want to switch from what I knew worked for me, so I stuck with TSlim and Dexcom. My insurance doesn’t cover the Dexcom G6, which - to put it overly simply - makes the pump into a smart pump. But I can do a software upgrade if that ever changes. I am delighted with my system now.

I like my Insulet Omnipod because there are no tubes. And they’re getting close to working with the Dexcom as well.

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I have been with Medtronic/Minimed since 1990 and have never had any complaints! My pump warranty is up in May so I asked my doctor about switching to the Tslim since it will stop your basal rate if your sugar drops and that’s very enticing! My Dr. did not recommend the Tslim and told me to stay with Minimed for 2 main reasons. First they are the oldest company around as far as pumps are concerned so they are lasting. Second, the newest pump not only stops the basal rate if your sugar is low, it increases the basal rate if your sugar is high. Being that my sugar is currently 414 as I write this response, I am much more interested in the Minimed pump which is truly an artificial pancreas.
Best of luck with your decision!

This is one of the cooler topics of discussion - I always love talking tech with fellow T1Ds because everyone has different preferences. Depends on what you’re looking for.

For 8 years I was on the Insulet OmniPod. I loved OmniPod most of all because it’s waterproof and tubeless. It can be on my back and I control it through my PDM (handheld monitor, like a cell phone) which I keep anywhere. The pump itself could work on virtually any site on your body. It was a really quick and easy lock and load procedure when putting in a new pump and I just think the insulet customer care team is rad (meaning totally kind and helpful). If you’re just looking for a new pump, I know my experience and a ton of T1Ds I’ve met at the JDRF Rides are 100% positive. Everyone’s psyched for Dexcom to come out with a closed-loop system. What’s the hoped-for date for that release again? 2020?

As far as cutting-edge tech available today, the Medtronic 670g is the only pump currently on the market with closed-loop glucose monitoring+management. I’m on that system now and it’s fine - it helps out a lot of other T1Ds (again, shameless plug for JDRF Ride but so many T1Riders had this system too). It just doesn’t help me all that much right now because my numbers are AAAAALLL over the place lately and I get kicked out of “auto mode” multiple times a day. Frankly I could really learn to hate the 670g just because of the stupid tubing. Again, I had the OmniPod for 8 years prior to the 670g so I’m spoiled with tubeless systems. But it’s a sickening feeling to find yourself opening kitchen drawers when your tubing catches on the knob or waking up with the tube and pump wrapped around your middle…or your neck. Both have happened to me. I also find it annoying I have to clip the pump on my waistband and constantly have to dig in my clothes and expose my midriff to get the pump out to bolus or check settings. As soon as there’s a closed-loop system that’s not on a tubed pump, I’m moving to that. I’m saving up money as we speak! Groaning aside, Medtronic is a fine pump and it works for a lot of people.

I love pumps, they’ve brought me a long way as far as management of my sugar levels and energy. Good luck with your choice! Remember to become BFFs with your insurance provider to understand costs of each pump!

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I really like the feedback you provided. Our daughter is 11 and was just diagnosed in January 2018 and we are trying to make a decision on a pump. We met with the reps and were set on the tandem slim prior to meeting with them because she does have the G6. Now we are leaning more towards the OmniPod. We almost feel that even though the other pumps may have more “features” the OmniPod will give her more freedom at this point. We love the fact that it is waterproof. It is such a hard decision.