Insulin Pump preferences?

I’m kind of new to the Omnipod. I’ve been on it for 2 months now…and I really don’t like it. I find it extremely uncomfortable and there isn’t an option for vibrate or to keep it from beeping anytime my reservoir is low, pump is suspended, or the pod is about to expire(which is really annoying during class). I’m also a clumsy person so when its on my arm i always hit it on door frames, and when its on my leg i hit it when I get up from the table, or my desk because of the bulkiness… What other insulin pumps do ya’ll recommend?

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I’ve been using Medtronic pumps forever, they’re very reliable and I hardly ever have to call the company for technical support unless the pump is out of warranty. However, I’ve been using a CGM for the past couple years (Dexcom) and really want a pump that can communicate with it. So when my insurance is ready to
Upgrade me I’m gonna go for the tandem t-slim. I’ve also heard in 2019 Tandem is coming out with a closed loop system just like medtronic except you’ll be able to use the Dexcom with it which is much more accurate than what medtronic uses. Can’t wait for that upgrade.

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I like the T-Slim it is easy to use and the battery use lasts forever. Also it is compatible with the Dexcom g5 so you can look at your blood sugar and dose for meals. Its a great buy Highly recommended 10/10.

Hi Lauren @01laurenpaige, I’ve only used Medtronic / MiniMed pump and I’ve had good experience and excellent support from Medtronic. Just this morning at our monthly meeting I heard some very positive testimony from users of the “closed loop” feature.
Right now [in the US of A] pumps there are approved only from three manufacturers; Insulet, Medtronic and Tandem - you have ruled out Insulet.
I personally am looking at the Tandem t-Slim for my next pump with it configured with whichever is the best Dexcom CGM; Dexcom and Tandem are very close to having a closed loop system that includes both insulin dosing and basal reduction / suspend features. The Diatribe link below what I believe is the current status of the system; I have met with a person who was involved as a user during the FDA trial.

I wear my Omnipod on my stomach. Please be aware that there are major drawbacks with the other pumps. I used to have an Animas and was forever getting the tubing caught on door handles and having the insertion ripped right out. So far I like my Omnipod.

I’m still new to a pump (only had mine for a month) but I’e been using the Minimed 630g and I love it.

Its very reliable and haven’t had an issue with it. Doesn’t hurt and its tiny

Yes it beeps but it does have an vibrate option
I choose this before I upgrade to an 670g due to I’m still a more newly diagnosed…been diabetic for 7 months now

I really like the 630g right now though it has tubing but I forget its there until I get up when my pump is not clipped on my side then I remember I’m wired in LOL.