T:Slim X2 vs. Medtronic 670g

Got a big decision to make. T:Slim x2 with Dexcom G6 or Medtronic 670g. Convince me! I know that each have their pros and cons but wanting to get opinions outside of the Tandem and Medtronic reps who obviously have a bias…


I personally have a tslim with the G6 and I love it. I have heard some negative things about the Medtronic. However the dexcom is the most accurate CGM so I would recommend the Tslim.

T slim. 1) (as already mentioned) dexcom is more accurate. 2) tandem works so well with dexcom and is releasing an software this year that will help eliminate highs. They already have basil-IQ which helps with eliminating lows. 3) software updates! Something new doesn’t need replacing anything. Just plug it into the computer and kapow software update

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I haven’t had any good experience with the 670g and Guardian 3 sensor. It is completely different than any other pump I ever used. I am looking at other pumps that will do better and that is covered by Medicare. The Guardian 3 Sensors are not covered . I been looking at the TSlim 2 and Dexcom g6 . Need some feed back PLEASE?

@imryantrotter Hi Ryan, I recently had to make that same choice. I suggest that you set up a comparison chart as to how each affects YOU personally and make your decision. Listen to people from “each side” who have had positive experiences - it is easier to find complainers in on-line forums - and then make your decision.

One month ago yesterday, I began using the very latest [which can be further updated] Tandem t-Slim x2. For me, being a Medicare beneficiary it became a matter of cost and what Medicare currently covers and what it is anticipated Medicare will cover in the future; to my knowledge, Medtronic has yet to request coverage for CGM devices.

Has anyone tried both the T Slim X2 with Dexcom G6 AND the Medtronic 670g that could weigh in on which they prefer.

I’m currently one year into my Medtronic 670 warranty and thinking of switching to Tandem using their “$1000 rental program” which you’d get the Tandem for $1000 until the end of my current pump warranty.

Curious if anyone has done this or switched the other way and have opinions on the pro and cons of each.

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I would also be interested in seeing this info. I’m fairly new to 670G as my first pump and a long time MDI type 1. I should have studied it more. I am grateful for the improved numbers, but there are days where I am physically and mentally exhausted. If I can’t get to a place where those draining days are rare, I may have to figure out something else. I had not heard of the buy or trade out. Sadly, I have a Dexcom G5, not 6. Switched to 670G a few months ago.
I just don’t want to hop from one place to another until I KNOW its better. Nothing is perfect. I just want something that I can live with in peace.

I had a Medtronic 530 before the 670 and LOVED it. But the old CGM elite sensors were the worst!

The guardian sensors are better but… still not great for me. I pretty much have to get every single one replaced as they only last 1-4 days. Super annoying. I call my 670g my “newborn” or “the baby” because it’s so needy. That said auto mode is great for me at night. I’m not going low and waking up with a headache and rebound high. Pretty sweet! But… Tandem is coming out with a closed loop too soon and I’m excited about that yet nervous about switching because I’ve been with Medtronic so long

Do you like the Dexcom G5?

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You should be able to upgrade to the G6 but I also think the tandem can connect with the G5 too.

And Tandem has upgradeable software so when the closed loop comes out (or any other upgrades) you just plug it in and update! Pretty cool

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My Guard Ian sensors last full 7 days (correction) MOST of the time. And it’s pretty accurate. I wore it along with my Dexcom G5 for several weeks sinse I had a transmitter still in force. They were very close. I find the application of Guardian rather challenging, but get help and it’s doable. It’s the notifications, slow response, and practical aspects that I find overwhelming.

I liked Dexcom 5 ok, but I had wildly inaccurate numbers at times. Not sure why. I hope G6 is better.

Not sure what to do. Hanging in there. I’m seeing my CDE and Endo again soon. Will get my A1C at that time. Will discuss my issues. I really do want this to work.

Can’t say anything about the Dexcom, but I have used the Medtronic 670 for the last 8 months as my first insulin pump after injecting for more than 40 years. The medtronic is finicky and a pain. I would not recommend it at all. I don’t remember a day when I didn’t have at least 1 alarm go off. A good day is only 1 or 2 alarms. Mostly they are just asking me to test Blood sugar now but it’s still annoying. They sent me a new transmitter which was supposed to solve this but not really…

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I have been a diabetic for 43 years I have been a pump user for 30 years. I have been on medtronic pumps for 25 years. I just switched to a T slim pump and the dexcom g5. The results are fantastic I would never go back to medtronic… The technology is worlds ahead. I can read the screen and the pump and the sensor communicate properly. The Medtronic sensor was not as accurate.


Thanks for your report Doug @Dougr and a Warm Welcome to the JDRF TypeOneNation Forum!
I hope you find here a community sharing experiencing life living with diabetes and that you will visit often and share with all here, especially the newly-diagnosed, your “success tips” and “pitfalls” you must have experienced while trying to figure out effective management.

I’ve been a Type 1 diabetic for almost 40 years. I recently decided to go on a pump vice shots so as to better manage my diabetes. I narrowed my choices to the Medtronic 670G and the T:Slim X2. The main reason I chose the X2 is the free IQ Control software update for it that will probably be released November 2019 or sooner. In my view, the algorithms in this update are superior to those in the 670G because in Auto mode it will automatically give bolases as needed (the 670G does not) while also increasing basal and reducing or cutting off insulin as needed such as during exercise.I also like that the Dexcom G7 CGM sensor is also far superior the one accompanying the 670G. Once the IQ Control software patch is released, I believe the X2 will be far superior to the 670G in all respects except one…that is, the increased difficulty encountered with the X2 loading insulin to the pump and priming it. However, based on my thorough analysis of the two pumps, I can live with this con as the X2 has so many pros that out-way this con. These pros include: The Dexcom 7’s compatability with Apple Watch & iPhone, the incredible accuracy of the sensor, the sensor doesn’t requiring changing but once every 10 days (will be 14 days for the Dexcom G7 once released), the ease of making selections on the pump and the pump is rechargeable, small and may be updated as software updates are released…the list goes on and on. This said, the pump industry continues highly competive. As such, in my view while the X2 will soon take the lead as the best pump, expect other manufactures will soon build a pump superior to the X2 (such as the future Medronic pump that will administer Glucose in addition to Insulin to more accurately control blood sugar in a manner more closely approximately how the human pancreas works. The good news is for the immediate future, I believe the X2 is clearly the best of all options.

Go with the Tandem I have the 670G and am not a fan at all!!!

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Hey Brie are you calibrating more than 2 or 3 times a day? Doing so can lead to sensor failures in my mimimed experience. I haven’t had a single sensor fail since starting with my 670 in June. I am as amazed as anyone. It’s been totally rock solid and reliable with two cautions…2 or 3 calibrations a day. AND dont force sensor failures by having a big difference between sensor bg and test bg. should always be less than 25% difference.

Continues…reason for difference is often because sensor bg has a lag of 20+ minutes vs fingerstick. If you eat candy and test… your fingerstick will always be higher than your sensor…for at least twenty minutes. If the difference is greater than 25% or so, your 670 will ask for another bg, always wait 30 minutes before completing this step, if you dont and you confirm sg is 25%+ diffrrent from bg you will get a failed sensor error message. Make sense? If not, ask your training rep from medtronic.

Hello Reagan,
Do you find you have lots of insulin left in the cartridge when it’s time to change infusion sets? I have been looking at the Tslim x2 but have heard some negative thoughts. But the person who is telling me this personally hasn’t used the X2.

I have the g6 and tandemx2 love both😊

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Hi my trick to using all the insulin up in the cartridge is to simply put a new site on and keep the new tube in a bag for later and simply connect my pump with the same old tube to my new site works perfectly no wasting insulin.
If that doesnt make sense let me know and I’ll try to explain it better.:blush:

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