Weird Or Scary Dream = A Low

I have read about people having these kinds of dreams and they wake up to a really bad low.Is this something you have noticed ? thanks...

i've noticed this about myself. if i have a nightmare or an extremely vivid dream, i usually wake up with low blood sugar. i wouldn't necessarily say it's a "really bad" low, but typically between 45-60.

I always have a weird dream when I'm low.  Usually, in my dream, I start to feel really sick, and need to sit down.  Actually, I remember on several occasions someone coming up to me in my dream and telling me I should wake up and test my sugar, weird.  Usually, if a dream wakes me up, my reading is about 50-65.

For me the "low" dreaming is way to "real world". I dream about the future or a situation I have been trying to resolve an here comes this dream with a solution that seems so clear. Sometime it is on mark and sometimes it is way out there, but in each case all of the real emotions and decisions that I feel or make when I am awake are in the dream. 


Its so weird anytime I have a dream about candy or ice cream or anything with tons  of sugar I wake up with a low

i wouldn't say every weird dream/bad dream is caused by a low(I have about 2-3 nightmares a night lately, at least 1 of them happening in the hour between my boyfriend leaving for work -which means i'm in the apartment alone- and getting up to get ready for work myself).

i'd say about 25% of the time i wake up from a bad dream, it's due to a low. normally i jerk awake, look around, snuggle up to the boyfriend and go back to sleep. but when it's a low causing it, i wake up with a jerk, rapid heartbeat, sweaty and usually crying.

Ah, yeah I have nightmares when my blood sugar is rapidly dropping.  Really vivid ones that are hard to shake- it really sucks. 

This happens to me too.  Not every single bad dream is the result of a low blood sugar, but probably about 80% of them.

Haha, yes.......  I remember mentioning this to another T1 a few months back and she was completely lost.  I also find that I tend to have very vivid dreams when I am in the low range.  The dreams have those feelings of awake and asleep, weird...  Kinda cool n da sense of dreaming though, not the lows.

I just woke up about an hour ago from a terrible, terrible dream where I forgot to take my insulin and I was in the hospital, so I woke up and immediately remembered that I actually did forget to take my Lantus last night.   My body/subconscious just knew :)

The other night i had a "dream" that I was low, so I went to the kitchen and drank some juice, than i thought what else can i do b/c i am low, so i had some cookies, than i thought what else can i do so i dont go low again before i wake up, so i had some candy.  it accually wasnt a dream, but at the time it felt like it,and when i woke up i felt a little sick and realized what i did in my sleep, so i looked at my cgm and it was 330!!!  It was so weird, almost like a sleep walk!!  I wake up low often enough to know what to do, so i dont know what happened that night!!  Kinda scarry, especially how i really thought it was a dream!!!

I'm actually the other way. I get really vivid and funky/disturbing that I can remember perfectly when my bs is too high. When I'm low, I just wake up sweating and breathing fast. If I do have a dream then, I don't remember it.

I am the other way. I wake up cold, sweaty, and shaky when my sugars are low. I remember most of my dreams so I don't think I am missing any that would be connected to my low's. I have how ever fallen asleep during the process of raising my blood sugars, and had a dream of eating then wake up and my blood sugars be up high. The dreams are never of food I have on hand or am able to get real close to my home. It also would not be from eating to much to fast during the process of raising my sugars, and also making sure I wash my hands before checking. This did happen more often in my first 6 yrs of having diabetes. 

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I'm actually the other way. I get really vivid and funky/disturbing that I can remember perfectly when my bs is too high. When I'm low, I just wake up sweating and breathing fast. If I do have a dream then, I don't remember it.


i'm kinda similar. i find with highs i tend to talk in my sleep more(or so i'm told) and i tend to have more violent dreams(which results in me kicking linen off and punching the air...i once punch the wall next to me when my friend crashed in my room one night and it freaked her out apparently haha)

If my blood sugar gets really low my dreams are usualy my body trying to wake up but can't type things if I can't wake up they are like if I don't get food im going to die and I wake up either screaming or crying and drenched in sweat also I have a cat who wakes me up if im low or high and if she isnt in my room she cries either at my door or my moms till she gets one of us up . sometimes my dreams when im low is just white space and the only noise is my a cat's cry's .If im high I get night terrors and I sleep run

Well for me when I have a dream about starving and eating, means (so far) low bs. LOL

If I dream when I am low, it is weird. Sometimes they are really vivid dreams and more entertainingly they are rational some times and help me solve problems. Other times though, they are just messed up. Scares the heck out of me and when I finally come out of the low I am grateful, cause the dream freaks me out. Sometimes though coming out of the low takes forever, which causes some panic for me. But they are truly vivid as my mind is stuck going over the last thing in my mind, which happens to be the dream.

I never stay asleep for long if I get a low in the middle of the night.  I always wake up with unpleasent dreams lingering in my brain like a bad taste in the mouth.  That, plus the fact that I'll wake up sweaty and shaking, tells me right away that I have a low.  When I test on those instances, it's usually in the 40's, which is more freaky for me than the nightmares themselves, because 42 is the lowest I have EVER been.

I agree with the earlier comments that the dreams are your body's way of trying to wake you up.  And boy am I grateful for them, nightmares or no.  Going to sleep with a low and NOT waking up is one of my greatest fears.

I NEVER have nightmares unless I am having a low. It is so weird but a lifesaver.

Luckily, I always wake up when my blood sugar is low. I have so many lows during the night, I could have easily had a couple of seizures haha

Low dream: usually involving a distorion of time, space, sound...

The one I have during seizures: I'm on a roller coaster. It starts slowly; there are people in cars that I don't know, in front and behind my car. This is one of those old-timey roller coasters, with the slatted tracks and the hills. The tracks are pink, though. I look out just as someone says, "Hey. There's nothing out there." I see no ground, no sky, only a beige oblivion. The roller coaster speeds up. We're starting to go down the hill we just went up. As we descend the hill, the coaster begins to stretch. We round a corner, and the tracks slip under the car. The car justs sails on. If the cars fall off, we'll end up falling forever, into oblivion.

When I saw The Butterfly Effect, I had a flashback to low dreams where time and space are disjointed. The jerks between moments have time between them at first. I'm talking to someone for a few minutes, and then I'm walking down a sidewalk. The shifts between unrelated events speeds up. I'm trying to stop the jumps because they become increasingly chaotic, until they're nothing but rapid flashes between moments that aren't related. Through the flashing moments (five seconds talking, one second walking down a sidewalk, two seconds in a room), I sense that there's a solid moment around, one where this isn't happening, if only I can find it. I wake up from this still feeling and living the moments as they jump around.