Night time Sugar lows

I have been Diabetic for a fair while now and have always had mad dreams at night when I go low. They genereally tend to get more and more unreal as I go further into the dream and closer to being awoken by the low itself.

Often when I have gone really low I wake up and don't know entirely where I am, or I know what my room looks like in my head, but looking around everything looks different (Kinda like halucination) My dream often continues and my wife finds me talking as if im still in the dream.

On some occasions I wake up fully awake and in the clearest state of mind where thoughts flow with extreme clarity and I feel I could solve anything. This only lasts a few minutes and dissapates as my sugars come back up but leaves me feeling a bit empty, like i have missed something.

I wondered if anyone has heard of any research into Hypoglycimia at night and the effect on dreams?

I've never looked into it, but I've also experienced weird dreams at night when my BG is low.  It's one of the ways that I know I had a low.

But if this is happening on a regular basis to you, have you ever given any thought to lowering your basal rate during that part of the night?

Research would be hard to get and ever harder to categorize.  I get the dreams too, but thankfully, I aslo get a huge adrenal rush and I leap out of bed when I am low at night, as if being chased by a hungry lion. =)

do you go low at night that often?  it is dangerous, and IMO can't be all that good for you.

I find high or low sugars affect my dreams. I was diagnosed when I was 10 and it was my hallucinations and vivid dreams that lead to me being diagnosed with T1 diabetes. My doctors thought I was and ran some final tests only to discover I was a diabetic.

I actually tend to have a reoccuring dream when my sugar goes low at night.  I've had the same dream since I was young.  It's strange but leaves me with a very panic feeling.  At the end of the dream I hear a man's voice repeatly telling me to wake up.  I can hear this voice even if I don't have a bad dream.  It's the same voice, same tone, etc... At one point I tried to figure out whose voice it actually is because it's not the voice of any man I know or use to know.  My sister, who is really into the afterlife, psychics, etc..., thinks it's my guardian angle.  I think it's just my subconscience but why it's a man's voice - I have no idea??? 

No I dont get this very often prehaps once a month and always when i've been juggling my regime around a bit.

Funnily enough quite often the dreams always end in the same reoccuring way. Me looking deeper and deeper into something or packing more and more into a confined space. Mostly looking deeper into an item breaking it down into parts and flowing down into the atoms, nucleus sub atomics etc. Probably because I loved physics once hehe.

Thanks for the feed back anyway glad i'm not the only crazy dreamer ;)