If you live in Texas and want to find others that live in your area this is the place!

I know there are alot of people in our big state of 'Texas'!!!   We would love to hear back from some of you!  We live in The Woodlands, which is north of Houston.   We have lived here for over 20 years, and love it!  We are very involved with local Diabetes groups....including the ADA and JDRF.  We participated in the ADA Walk in the Woodlands last year, and actually were a 'finalist' in the T-Shirt contest!  We are participating in the upcoming JDRF 'Promise Ball' with a 'silent auction' item.   My husband works for Novo Nordisk as a Hospital Rep, so he is very involved with diabetes research and helping others.  Our son, JL, is a freshman in High School and is very open in sharing his diabetes with his friends.  He is truly great about taking care of himself and being as 'optimistic' as any teenager can be that has been given this 'challenge'.....the Millers

Hey! I'm from Texas too. In the north Houston area, but go to school during the spring and fall at Texas A&M U. I started a local college group called Diabetic Echoes on my campus, so I'm looking for those that want to get involved with that, or just people in general. I volunteer and fundraise with JDRF for the walk and the Promise Ball every year. Last year, we raised over $3000 for both events. This year, we're hoping to double that!

Hi Lindsey!  That is great that you have started this group at A&M.....great idea!  My daugher goes to Texas Tech, or I'd have her get involved there with you.  My son, JL, who has diabetes, is a Freshman at College Park HS.  Interesting that you should mention the Promise Ball for JDRF.  I was just at JDRF yesterday dropping off a 'silent auction' item to share with them...I donated the 'Track3 Diabetes Carb Counter' and am excited that I can be a part of that Charity this year!  Wow raising $3000 was great and I wish you luck this year....great goals you have!!  We did the ADA walk last year here in the Woodlands, but plan to be a part of the JDRF Walk this coming year.  Good luck to you and keep up the good work! 

Hi I'm Angela and I live in Dallas TX and I would like to see if there is any one else out there who live in Dallas TX and if anyone knows of a Type 1 support group and or an Insulin Pump Group in Dallas TX .


                                 Angela Little

Hello all!

I'm new here but so glad I found this site. My son (now 15) was diagnosed in Aug 2007. He seemed to have a handle on his diabetes a lot better before starting high school last fall. Lately it seems he is having all sorts of problems with depression, his school work, behavior issues, self-confidence issues, and not wanting to take care of himself in general. He has to constantly be reminded to check his bg, pay attention to what he's eating and take his insulin but I am thankful to have the large support group that we do from his pediatricians to everyone at Children's to his school nursing staff.

I know this can't be easy for him and I think it would benefit him to hear about and interact with other kids his same age that are going through the same things he is. I am hoping that we can work out getting him to Camp Sweeney this summer because I think that, too, would be a great benefit for him.

Thanks for listening!


Roxanne in Flower Mound

Hi Angela,  I live in McKinney and we have a Pump support Club and meet in west Allen once a mo. You can find Info using the link below.


I think there is also one at Medical City it is advertised as a class but the person running has changed it to a club also.

Maybe we can meet sometime.



A big hello (and Gig'Em) to all the fellow Texans out there! 

We live in Brenham, and our son, Clay, was diagnosed on June 27, 2008.  He is six years old now, and growing like a weed.  He is currently on shots but we are looking at switching to the pump this summer.  We would love to meet others that are dealing with some of the same issues we are.  If anyone is coming through Brenham anytime give us a shout and we can all grab some Blue Bell!

Hi Josh!

I grew up in the Brenham area and now I'm at Texas A&M! We have a group up here that does fundraising events, mentor programs, etc! If I can ever help out with Clay, let me know...I was diagnosed at 4 so I definitely understand being a kid with type 1.


Hi Lindsey!

If you grew up in the Brenham area then I am sure we know a lot of the same people.  My wife and I both grew up here too, and we both graduated from A&M as well.  Good luck with school!  I know how challenging it can be at times, and I'm sure it is much, much harder when you add diabetes into the mix.  If there is ever anything that we can do to help out your group at A&M let us know and we will be more than happy to help!


to any one thatll answer....


my friend is movin to texas, or at least still thinkin bout it... and i jst wnted to know how it is down there....

Hay Razor,


Depends on what part ofthe state your freind is moving to we have coast woods desert and mountions and everything in between.  Show rain and hot.  you name it we have it some where.



hi. i just recently moved into the huntsville area and im looking to meet new ppl with type 1 diabetes

Hi Jami,

Welcome! I'm in the Bryan/College Station area, so not far from you. We have monthly meetings up here for both pediatric and adults. There are also plenty of things in Houston that can get you connected with other type 1s.



well thank you. in the fall im actually going to be attending Blinn Junior College so i will be in that area also.

Great! If you're interested in attending some of the meetings, we should be having them Wednesdays around 7ish on the A&M campus. I can let you know once we finalize the fall schedule.

We do a lot of fundraising and you can meet some of the other diabetics in the area (although it's a small group).

ok, i am totally interested. just let me know when yall work something out. thank you.

I Live in fort worth, texas.

Hi,  I live in Austin and I love it.  I am very active and I would love to find a T1 buddy to do things with!

Hi Angela,

We have a Pump support group that meets every mo.  Our meeting is this week at 7:30 pm at 3600 McDermott RD., Plano.

It is the church of Christ on Mcdermott.  It is hosted by Lynda Markowitz with Medtronic.  You do not have to be using their pump all are welcome.  You can go to minimed.com and click on events to find more info.