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Since this is the JDRF forum, I thought I’d ask here: does anyone know about how to sign up to be a JDRF outreach volunteer? The Get Involved page of their website mentions opportunities to “be a mentor” or do “online support for newly diagnosed type 1s” but when you fill out the volunteer form, I don’t see anything about that type of volunteering. Any info is appreciated!
Edit: I live in the Southern Texas chapter area, if that matters. Thanks!

Hi @type1talia I am an ODST (online diabetes support team) volunteer for the JDRF. I’ll ask the moderators.

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Hi - I see you’re in Southern Texas. How are you doing there - diabetes and otherwise?

Hi Dorie, thanks so much for asking. It was a very scary week here. I count myself incredibly lucky to have no lasting damage to property or health. I know people were reporting some pretty wild things—like their dish soap and olive oil freezing from inside their homes—and all I could think was how scary that would be if my insulin froze like that. Our homes are just not built for extreme cold down here.
I know Insulin for Life does some disaster relief services within the US, so I hope they will be of help to any who need it.

Talia @type1talia , it is wonderful that you want to give of your time and talents to help other people - people affected by diabetes.

There are several “outreach” opportunities available and some are listed at the bottom of the page I’ve linked below. One of the most direct methods is through the JDRF Chapter in your area. Some of the outreach programs, not directly listed on JDRF website but available through the Chapter here, are:

  • Schools, members visit schools offering diabetes education and suggestions to nurses, staff, and offering presentations;
  • Writing and publishing reginal newsletter keeping interested persons aware of local activities;
  • Activities and gathering place for children with diabetes;
  • Support and sharing space for older teens and 20s to come together to share “hacks” that have helped them through college and beginning employment;
  • And of course coordinating and assisting with annual Walk for Cure, Ride for Cure.

If you’re interested in joining the Online Diabetes Support Team (ODST) I think when you fill out the application (Become a Volunteer - JDRF) you should check “computer usage” to answer the question “which volunteer opportunities interest you?” I’m not 100% sure, though. I was referred to the ODST by my grandmother and then I referred my cousin. None of use ever actually applied… I’m sure Joe will be able to get an answer from the moderators soon, though.

Also glad you made it through the week ok!

I signed up on the volunteer page on jdrfs website and selected the stuff I’d like to volunteer for. The outreach coordinator is one of the positions! I then received an email from my chapter leader who helped me get set up!

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