JDRF Get Togethers

So i always get stuff in the mail for JDRF.. they are always telling me about to the diabetes walks and get togethers around me. I have attended one walk and it wasnt very organized. i would love to go again andf really want to. about a week ago i got another letter about a kick of party in Davenport, iowa at incredible pizza and its a kick off to the may walk. i have never gone or even considered it until this past week when i got the letter and have been recently working on being a better diabetic.. i guess what i am getting at is... have any of u gone to one of these things? if so what was it like? and did u meet alot of people with diabetes?


I just had to say how much I love your tagline. Sarah loves her pump and proudly displays it on her hip for the world to see. I can hardly wait until she gets home so I can show her what you said. She's gonna love it!!!

Aweeee thankyou :)


I've done diabetes walks in the last couple of years and mostly meet people who are there supporting a fundraising event that they signed up for because of work or a ton of people who know one diabetic and organized a team for them.  Our local chapter has a type 1 supper club for adults but I have not yet been, thinking about attending this week.  I've never actually been to a jdrf specific one like the kids walk that happens once a year...just the step out for diabetes one that the ADA does.  I felt good overall about it because I'd run into a few people I hadn't seen in years and they were surprised I was walking for me (didn't know I had type 1)! You should DO IT, bring a friend and go!! It certainly cannot hurt!

I have been going to the JDRF "walk for the cure" for the last 20 years.  I have only missed one in all of those years, and that was because I was really sick that year.  When I first started going, they were small and relatively unorganized, but for the last several years, I have been amazed at how huge they are!  (At least around here.... I go to the walk in Philadelphia...it's a big city so perhaps the ones in more rural areas are smaller?).  I generally don't meet many people there because I usually create a team of my own (friends and family), but it's always a great experience.  It always makes me feel good to know that I'm not alone (I know that a large portion of the people there are also diabetic), and it also makes me feel good to know that there are so many other people out there supporting us and raising money to help find a cure.  I definitely think you should go!